Saturday 25 November 2017

Pat Henry's view: Dave's 16-pound weight loss has been the result of consistent hard graft

Pat Henry: Health is the objective.
Pat Henry: Health is the objective.

Dave's results - losing 16 pounds over our six-week programme - have been fantastic, all the more so considering that he also gave up smoking at the same time. Quitting smoking can cause the metabolism to slow down, resulting in weight gain.

This is one reason those quitting find it difficult, but you can see if you use exercise and diet as a tool to help you overcome nicotine cravings, it really does work.

Dave has been so consistent, training five days a week for a maximum time total of five hours: one hour daily, which is not a lot of time out of your week to help you achieve great inch and fat loss.

He has lost the bulky upper body weight from his neck, chest and shoulders and generally all over, even including legs, which is the correct way to drop size.

Some people expect to spot reduce, which doesn't work, as fat is distributed all over with some areas accumulating more. For men it can be chest and tummy, but for ladies it can be the bottom and legs and lower tummy. However with the correct exercise and diet plan, fat will gradually decrease.

If you lose it too quickly it will be a loss of muscle, water and some fat. Quick weight loss will affect your face, often giving you a gaunt look which you should avoid at all costs.

Health is the objective; it took many years to increase your size, so if you lose these pounds slowly, it will stay off. We have many clients who have lost up to six stone in a year and have kept it off even after years, with no loose skin anywhere. This is down to losing weight slowly and following the correct exercise and eating plan.

Pat Henry offers personal training at his gym at 14 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2. Contact 01 6616195, or visit henryfitness

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