Friday 20 April 2018

Pat Henry: The key to your escape to a new life

Pat Henry: tell your subconscious your plan to bring magic into your life.
Pat Henry: tell your subconscious your plan to bring magic into your life.

When you understand the power of thought, you will begin to see clearly that your whole life has been formed by your conscious mind - programmed since birth, by your parents, or teacher or even your best friends.

They often make comments or project these fears and anxieties onto you, not intentionally in most cases. But nevertheless, you can be very susceptible - especially if you are a subconscious type of person. Your mind is like a sounding board and can be very receptive, and unfortunately some subconscious-minded people can be influenced by negative thoughts. These influences can be as simple as someone making a comment on your appearance or your weight. Words have power. The power to grow or destroy people. So be careful what you say.

Conscious-minded people are not affected in the same way. They see things in black and white and would not take comments so literally. However, subconscious-minded people find it much easier to go into a relaxed state and to achieve very real levels of altered states.

When the deepest level is achieved in yoga, this is called self-realisation or nirvana. To reach this level will take a lot of patience and practise. For some it may take years, but there have been a few people that I know who have reached this state in weeks. So it is possible. You may ask if you will be able to live in the real world when you achieve this - the answer is yes. But in a more aware state. You often find you are less likely to talk gibberish or waste time and energy on foolish things. Your awareness increases; you will find you are attracted to like-minded people. Your attitude to food even changes.

When you get the correct level of relaxation, it is time to practise visualisation. It is said in yoga that your body cells are rejuvenated every seven years - you are now the result of what you were thinking seven years ago - so you are where you want to be. For you have been visualising, whether you know it or not. We are all guilty of this, now it's time to become what you deserve to be and what you are meant to achieve in this life. Visualisation is the key to helping you plan your escape to your new life.

When practising, it is important to be specific as to what you want to achieve. The clearer you are on your goal or target, the better the result. Let your mind wander and then come back to your picture, focus, sharpen your image and see your goal. It's like a torpedo that has been released. It will hit the target once the coordinates have been set. It cannot fail, but it has to be a very clear target.

You have to have faith and belief on the outcome. Keep your plans to yourself, don't allow anyone to cause interference with your goals. Always keep in mind your target, but be realistic - you won't grow wings and you won't fly - yet! Not in this hard body.

Visualisation can take you to heights that you cannot even imagine. All that stops you is the limit of your conscious mind.

The best time to practise is early in the morning or at bedtime, or even better when you are practising relaxation.

Firstly lie down in position, let the mind wander, focus, let your mind daydream on your plan. See and feel your project, your thoughts to your desired goal. Don't try too hard, this will bring you the opposite way, just let it happen and flow from your subconscious. Don't let your everyday thoughts block it.

Even if your mind wanders, don't get stressed - just let it pass. If you can do this exercise for even five minutes every day, it will become clearer. It just needs practise. It's your future. Put a new film into your mind, one with a happy ending and success. Remember you are living in your imagination so imagine your new future.

Keep telling your subconscious your plan, speak to it every day, make a connection. What appears as coincidence is simply the working out of the pattern which you started to weave by visualising. But do wait patiently while your subconscious is assimilating your desires. You may find things you planned for come out of the blue, or you will be guided in a way to obtain them. When information is given to you, you must follow the course immediately and unquestionably. But remember to be careful what you wish for, as you just may get it!

Be thankful for what you already have. Expect good things to happen to you, cultivate quietness and a positive expectation about life. This is the way you should live if you want to bring magic into your life.

You may think you can get along on your own, that quietness and meditation is not necessary, but you will find you will eventually run out of steam. Visualisation and speaking to your subconscious is more than a two-way conversation, it establishes a magnetic power between you and your subconscious. It gives energy and provides magic. Don't wait for disaster before you open yourself up to this wonderful level of communication.

Every day, whatever life throws at you, take your mind to another level - remember be bright, show enthusiasm and expect good things.

If you find yourself slipping into negativity, simply speak to your subconscious and ask for guidance. Banish stress. From today, plan your adventure, daydream. Bring it to life. There are gifts waiting for you. All you have to do is believe.

It's time to become what you deserve to be and reach the goals you are meant to achieve. Visualisation and telling your subconscious your plan will help bring that bit of magic into your life, writes Pat Henry

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