Monday 16 December 2019

Pat Henry says: 'Changing up the routine is key to burning fat for more energy'

Pat Henry
Pat Henry

These last few weeks can often be the hardest with enthusiasm waning and weight loss slowing down, although in Dave's case, the fact that he's lost a further four pounds is testament to the fact that he's still pushing himself.

But if you're finding it hard to keep the momentum going, a good training partner can make all the difference. Often you may not feel like training, but with a good consistent partner, you can push the limits further.

This week we used a weight-bearing cardio workout with a 15kg barbell, completing 12 exercises including incline press, bench press, pullover, squats, etc, just to surprise the body and shock the muscles into response.

After 2 sets we had to stop as Dave felt a little queasy and a little dizzy, which is what happened with our initial exercise routine.

It only lasted a few minutes, but when you feel nauseous it's time to stop. If you continue, you will get sick. The body is not too fond of change, but with Dave's particular build, it's essential to keep pushing the limits.

His build is stocky or mesomorphic, indicating a need for routines to be changed at least once a month. With Dave's 1lb gain last week, he asked if his gain was muscle. A pound is a pound. You can't turn fat into muscle or vice versa, though the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn, simply to sustain and gain more muscle tissue. So the more firmness you have, the more fat you will burn off.

I just checked Dave's diet plan for the last few weeks and he's not eating enough lean protein - chicken, fish, turkey, red meat, etc. He needs to eat at least 100 grams per day to get firm.

This week, we are doing a few days cleansing to remove waste. So hang in there!

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