Sunday 27 May 2018

Outrage as French lingerie brand launches bras for 12-year-olds to 'erase imperfections'

A French brand has been called out for 'body shaming' 12-year-old girls. Photo: Stock
A French brand has been called out for 'body shaming' 12-year-old girls. Photo: Stock Newsdesk Newsdesk

People are calling the company out for "body-shaming" 12-year-old girls.

Whether you remember your teenage years with a shudder or a smile, we all know how vulnerable young girls are when their bodies are developing.

And people have taken issue with a French lingerie brand for selling a children's bra designed to smooth out and "erase imperfections".

French mother Florence Braud took to Twitter last week to share her anger upon spotting the bra, made by lingerie brand Dim.

Translated into English, her tweet read: “‘Erase imperfections’ and ‘smooth out the shape’, says a bra in 70A [the smallest bra size in France] in a kids section… #We’reReallyNotDoneWithThisShit.”

The bra's label says it is “Ideal as a first bra with removable filling!” and that it “hides small imperfections”.

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Speaking with Buzzfeed News, Braud said she had gone shopping with her daughter after a girl in her daughter's class made fun of her for not wearing a bra, and she was shocked to see find some on sale that were targeting young girls' "imperfections".

“It saddened me to see that, so soon, she was already suffering the threats [of] femininity,” she said, before referring to it as an “injunction of femininity”.

Since posting the tweet, it’s been shared hundreds of times as others expressed their dismay with the French brand, tweeting ‘Hello @DIMparis. So according to you, 12-year-old girls have “imperfections” that should be smoothed out?’ and ‘How awful! Bras for little girls, to make their chests bigger and “erase imperfections”! #WTF #DIM’

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Responding to the criticism, DIM told Buzzfeed that it wasn't referring to bodily "imperfections", but "clothing and non-physiological imperfections".

A spokesperson for the lingerie brand said: “When we said imperfections, we meant clothing and non-physiological imperfections. This is to erase imperfections materials — folds, overlays, etc. — to make the product smooth and harmonious under clothing.”

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