Saturday 24 August 2019

Our beliefs should be upheld

Sir - All my life I have lived peacefully with my neighbours, among them Catholics, Protestants and Jews, who respected each other and lived by the laws of the land

If anybody was ill, they went to local hospitals mostly run in an exemplary manner by the nuns. Nobody complained about this. However, in recent years, things began to change.

Firstly, the nuns were moved out. This was followed by the removal of all religious symbols from hospitals. Worse was to follow. Now they want religion banned from the school curriculum. RTE, not to be left out, now treats us to 'the people's angelus' where there is no reference to, or symbol of, religion of any kind.

The people who object to our customs should remember that they are not held here against their will, and are free to go to a place where their beliefs are practised.

John N Barry,


Co Dublin

Sir - With all the misinformation about schools losing their ethos and beliefs, there have to be compromises.

The North of Ireland, where 90pc of schools are segregated, shows the problems of non-integration and hatred, and fear is rife. The 'Island of Saints and Scholars' is a long way from the present situation and all parents know when they send their children to a school what its beliefs and ethos are. All beliefs can be catered for if it is done in a caring and meaningful programme.

I am from a smaller religious sector and remember being told to study something else as the majority of the class were given religious education in their religion of Roman Catholicism. I don't think it was detrimental to my well-being.

Ken Maher,

Kilcoole, Co Wicklow

The greatest show

Sir - Roll up, roll up! See the greatest show on Earth! For those cave dwellers who don't know it yet, the US Masters Golf is the greatest show on Earth. It is played every year at Augusta, Georgia, in what is God's own garden and a contender for "wonders of the world" status.

Then you have the competition. It is not an 'open' as such but players qualify via their standing in world golf.

These superhuman, Godlike golfers never fail to produce an exhilarating, masterful display of the true 'beautiful game', culminating in the usual gut-wrenching, nailbiting back nine on 'Masters Sunday'.

I will go to bed on Sunday night truly shattered as I will have hit every ball, sunk every putt along with Rory McIlroy. I will have laughed, cried, shouted myself hoarse. But I will go to sleep, once again helping him play the famous 'Amen Corner'.

If he wins, I surely deserve a handsome portion of the cheque?

Gerry Barrett,

Dublin 17

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