Wednesday 25 April 2018

Okay guys, over to you...

We asked Irish men if they'd ever been so intimidated by a strong successful woman that they didn't ask her out, even if they really fancied her...

"Yeah, I've definitely been in that situation. You basically feel like you're going to be one of a million who are interested, and you'll only seem like a tiresome repeat of something that happens every few minutes. I go for successful women, but more so in a grounded, healthy career sense. If they were an outstanding achiever in their field, it would feel too... exposed!"

Aidan, 30

"I don't ask women out that often, but that has nothing to do with their success or fame. I find smart successful women incredibly attractive but do certainly feel at times "why would she be interested in me?"

Tom, 32

"I've always found succesful women are usually quite approachable. They're probably so used to not getting approached that they are happy to have guys talk to them! More classically "hot" women are the harder ones to read, in my opinion."

Niall, 36

"I'm a bit cocky, and I have never really met many hugely successful women so I'm not sure I can really talk, but I do find ambition very attractive. For me, it's one of the key qualities I look for in a woman."

Alan, 26"

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