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New Irish service offers to transform your online dating profile... for €50





A new Irish service for struggling singles promises to perfect online dating profiles and ensure that they offer a great first impression to perspective partners.

Dating’s Little Helper launched by Irish love guru Tracey Ferguson offers to transform online dating profiles by critically assessing grammar, choosing the correct photographs and cutting out personal descriptions which are potential turn offs.

“When I began online dating I noticed the horrendous mistakes people were making and how they were using incredibly incorrect images,” said Tracey.

“For example wedding photos with ex-wives cropped out or photos on naked torsos in bathroom mirrors. I think text speak and bad grammar are a huge turn off and that was apparent in many of the profiles I saw.

“I started this up because I felt that online dating can be quite a lonely experience and some friendly helpful advice about how to portray yourself on might interest people.”

The online consultation, revamp and advice is priced at €50.

“I launched this service this month and I really can’t believe the response I’ve had to it. My phone has been ringing off the hook.

“On social media apps like Tinder you only have one or two seconds to make an impression and I think people put a lot of confidence in online dating,” she said.

If you’re not having much success with online dating you might be making some of Tracey’s faux-pas.

“My best advice for Tinder in particular, is to avoid using wedding photos at all, especially with your ex chopped out, don’t use old photographs or ones where you are standing far away in the distance. Clear facial shots are always advisable.

“Bad grammar is a turn off for some people and many of us write words in our profile just for the sake of it. Instead be clear about yourself, your hobbies, what you are looking for in a person and what your absolute deal breakers are. Keep it short by using a maximum of 75 words,” she said.

The fairy godmother of online dating recommends asking your friends for advice when building and editing your profile.

“Ask your friends what they think about the photos you’ve chosen and the descriptions you’ve given. Ask for advice from someone you trust will be honest. It can help to get outside advice,” Tracey said.

If you are thinking about making the first move on an online dating app or website Tracey recommends that you stray away from cheesy pick-up lines or generic ‘Hi, how are you’s’.

“If you like the look of someone, take a minute to look at their photos and descriptions. For instance if there is a picture of them playing the piano, it’s a good start to mention that. It shows you’ve already made the effort,” she said.

For more information you can email datingslittlehelper@gmail.com, visit facebook.com/datingslittlehelper or follow on Twitter @datingshelper

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