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My Pet: Who couldn't grow to love cuddly Luna?


BEST PALS: Luna with Rebecca (7) and Alyssa (5)

BEST PALS: Luna with Rebecca (7) and Alyssa (5)

BEST PALS: Luna with Rebecca (7) and Alyssa (5)

Hello everybody, my name is Luna and I am nine and a half months old. Even though I am white, I am a golden retriever. I have a daddy, mammy, and two big sisters. They are very kind to me.

When I met my forever family, I loved them straight away. They took me in something called a car and put a special strap around me to keep me safe. Mammy started the car and we were off to my forever home. I was a bit scared, so I climbed onto one of my big sister's laps hoping nobody would notice - but she loved it.

I knew this because Rebecca (that's her name) gave me lots of cuddles and made me feel warm, cosy and safe. After what seemed like forever, the car stopped and everyone got out. Mammy lifted me inside because I was tired. I knew I was going to be very happy here. I am nearly one year here and I was right.

I have really nice neighbours and lots of friends. My very best friend is Alfie. I meet him every evening in the park. We like to jump on each other but sometimes our leads get tangled. My neighbours are Oscar, Cuddles and Guinness, they are dogs too. There is also a cat called Oreo - but when I see him, he runs. Maybe he does not like me?

When I want Cuddles to play, I run to the wall and jump up on it with my front paws and bark into their house. Sometimes mammy or daddy see me and say "stop spying on the neighbours". I don't know what spying means, but most of the time I just get down.

I love going to the vet, because they give me lots of yummy treats that make me drool. The people who work there always make a big fuss of me… I love all the attention.

I also love when Rebecca and Alyssa (Alyssa is my other big sister) take out the hose because it cools me down. I can drink from it and it splashes me - I do not like all water though. When I go on walks to the beach I see scary waves. When I try to drink them they chase my paws. I bark, trying to make them stop - but they don't listen. Imagine you were a little puppy with the waves trying to make your paws cold? Someone should tell the water that this is not funny at all.

Got to go now as the evening is drawing in. It's my favourite time of day because I get lots of cuddles and love to lie on the couch.

Rebecca Ryan (7), Blackrock, Dublin

Name: Luna Finest hour: Meeting my forever family Likes: Getting treats when I go to the vet

Dislikes: The cheeky waves at the seaside

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