Friday 23 March 2018

My Pet: What's it all about Alfie? It's Lola!

Alfie the dog
Alfie the dog

Joe Lyons, Dublin

This is Alfie. Alfie is a four-and-a-half-year-old labradoodle. Don't let his large appearance scare you, as he is probably the most gentle dog that you will ever meet.

Most of the time Alfie can be very relaxed and calm while in the house - that was until we got Lola. She is the newest addition to the family, but I'll get back to her in a minute.

As I was saying, around the house Alfie can be very calm and sometimes lazy. If you want to get Alfie moving, though, all you need to say is "walk".

Lola is a six-month-old blonde labradoodle. She joined our house a couple of months ago and her sole purpose in life is to make Alfie's life a living hell.

Lola has many ways of annoying poor Alfie: biting at his collar, trying to eat his food, sleeping in his bed, and even sitting on him, to name just a few.

Since we got Lola, Alfie's life has been significantly more active.

When walking Alfie, Lola must come too. Even on walks Alfie is not safe, with her trying to jump on him, bite at him and race ahead of him constantly. She really drives hime crazy, but they get along very well.

As I said before, Alfie is the most gentle and affectionate dog you could ever meet. He wouldn't harm a fly (he tried eating a wasp once, but it stung him so he spat it out).

His size can be quite misleading, though. When standing on his hind legs, he is roughly 5ft tall. This can often make people who don't know him quite nervous, when all he really wants is is a good rub and to make friends.

Going back to his size, Alfie sometimes forgets how large he is. Sometimes it is as if he believes he is a small dog. He tries to fit in small places, and get up into people's arms.

Once, Alfie and I were on a walk and we stopped to talk to a man with a pram. After a few moments we looked at Alfie and he was practically sitting in the pram with the baby. The baby was fine, but another of Alfie's plots was foiled.

Although Alfie can be a complete and utter fool half of the time, and I think that's clear to see, I don't think that we could have asked for a better dog.

Not only is he a great pet, but he's my best friend too.

Name: Alfie

Finest hour: Putting up with Lola

Likes: Long, tiring walks and trips to the park

Dislikes: Birds in the back garden

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