Friday 23 August 2019

My Pet: The Queen of our home and hearts

Holly the cat
Holly the cat

Suzanne Dowd

Holly joined our family just before Christmas nearly three years ago. Two years after our beloved cat Snowy had died, we were ready for another furry feline to love. After plenty of negotiation, a surprise trip to the DSPCA resulted in our best Christmas yet.

From the moment Holly stuck her paw out of her cage in the DSPCA, she was ours. Ruler of our house and of our hearts, she was adored from the start. Full of affection but on her own terms, attention welcomed but not too much.

Inquisitive in nature, no bag or box is left unsearched. Always bright-eyed and energetic, you never know where you'll find her next. She has been found on top of the kitchen cupboards, on the neighbour's roof and quietly snoring in the wardrobe. This curiosity terrified us at the beginning when she disappeared for 24 hours during a prolonged wander. We quickly learnt that Holly does whatever she wants, and so her nickname, the 'Queen', was born.

Holly is the ultimate contradiction - she will happily chase a fox out of the garden, yet is scared by a gust of wind. Visiting cats terrify her, especially her "stalker" which often has to be chased out of the garden by her human allies. She loves the outdoors and runs down the path after whoever is hanging out the washing. Her favourite spot is beside the pond where she stands precariously on the rocks and laps away from her giant water bowl.

Holly's hobbies include chasing leaves from the windowsill, playing with bells and nibbling on cheese. She loves to lie on her back in front of the fire during the winter months and wag her tail. No blanket in the house has been spared from a showering of tiny white hairs. She rules the roost. The Queen indeed.

Suzanne Dowd, Glenageary, Co Dublin

Name: Holly

Likes: Napping, being chatted to, bells, cheese

Finest hour: Joining our family

Dislikes: The wind, visiting cats, builders

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