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My Pet: Rio's grand having great fun on farm





Hi there everybody, how are you all? My name is Rio and I arrived at my beautiful home when the last Olympics were held in Rio - hence my name.

I used to have a brother but unfortunately he rambled a lot, particularly to a neighbour's pretty pet. I got tired of telling him to leave her alone because it would most likely all end in tears - but you know what big brothers are like, they think they know it all. Anyway, on his way home from his lady friend, he wasn't looking where he was going and bang! A tractor finished him.

My parents were very upset for some time, but the plus for me was I was given another bed inside the house. I overheard I was the first pet to be allowed into the house, so I was quite chuffed with that.

Most evenings I am allowed in around 9.30pm and I love listening to the two of them chatting away. Occasionally one of them asks my opinion - and that's when I know they are most likely having a little tiff! I am clever enough not to react, as my thinking is it's best to stay onside with both of them.

My Dad is around the place more than herself, she leaves most mornings at 9am and comes back at 6pm. My Dad chats to me a lot more, everyday we head out first thing at 7.30am - and after my afternoon nap around 4pm, he is back and we go down the fields to check on the other animals.

I could usually set my watch by him - but over the past few months my routine has been totally upended. It's weird. For a start, the pair of them are almost constantly here. I know it's not Christmas, as it's not cold enough. Not sure what's been going on.

My Dad is in the yard a lot, there was a foal born recently which resulted in great excitement. I was almost forgotten about and locked up at times to keep me away from the new precious arrival. Unusually herself was in the yard more, and was asking loads of questions, I could see Dad was pacing his answers but he needed her, too, as the yard was so quiet. There have been no visitors whatsoever for the past few months - until last week.

I'd normally have regular company, and mid-mornings Dad's brother would call in, often with food for me - but there'd been no sign of him for ages. Until last week. What happened last week? I'm confused. Can someone tell me what's going on?

Maeve Martin-Kelly, Adare Heritage Centre, Co Limerick

Name: Rio

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Likes: Doing the farm jobs with Dad

Dislikes: That foal!

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