Monday 19 August 2019

My Pet: Perfect Pixie is our furry alarm clock


Sarah Daly

We own a cat called Pixie. We got her from the ISPCA rescue centre, where they had named her Jane - but she is not a plain Jane so we agreed on Pixie.

She is a tortoiseshell breed and has gorgeous colours of orange, brown and black. She has lovely green eyes and soft sleek fur and she loves to be brushed down.

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Pixie likes sleeping and being left in peace - and she dislikes new people, new cats... and especially hates being put in her carry case. Generally, though, she is very mannerly.

We have another cat called Storm, who would eat food right out of your mouth, but Pixie waits patiently for her food.

One day, about two weeks after we got her, we let her outside for the first time and she ran into the trees. We thought she had run away. Later, I saw her in the trees behind our wall, I called Mammy to see - and she thought I was hallucinating because she couldn't see Pixie, as she was so well camouflaged in the trees. Mammy and Daddy went outside and got her to come back inside by putting a trail of food on the wall.

Pixie doesn't scratch or bite people - instead she uses her sharp teeth and claws for catching mice and birds in the garden.

When Pixie comes in from the rain, I like to dry her off. Pixie purrs very quietly, quite unlike Storm, who sounds like the engine of a motorbike! Pixie doesn't usually play with Storm, but when my cousin came over with a laser pointer, she ran around with Storm to try to catch it.

I love taking photos of Pixie and I entered two photos in a photography competition and our little star won the competition!

One of the most interesting things about Pixie is, when she goes upstairs to find somewhere to sleep, she goes up so quietly that we don't hear a sound, but, when Mammy sends her upstairs to wake us up she goes and meows at my bedside until I get up and then she does the same to my sister.

She is our own personal, cute, furry alarm clock.

Pixie will be turning four this June, but she loves Christmas time, especially the tree. Every year when we put up the tree, Pixie likes to pull the tinsel off. We always put up a stocking for her and Santy brings her something.

She loves to sit on the windowsill and watch the cars drive past.

Pixie is one of my best friends, I am so lucky to own Pixie, I could never ever find a better cat than Pix.

Sarah Daly, age 11, Portlaoise, Co Laois

Name: Pixie

Finest hour: Dinner hour (though she is very patient)

Likes: Curling up and going to sleep

Dislikes: New people - so watch out!

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