Monday 21 January 2019

My Pet: Our talking cat Molly is much missed

Molly, right, with her pal Ruby the labrador
Molly, right, with her pal Ruby the labrador

Helen Mooney

Molly came into our lives in the winter of 2005.

My daughter (then aged 12) and I had spent weeks searching for a kitten on the internet with no luck. We'd met some oddballs with kittens who sought homes with no kids, or homes for kittens who needed ongoing psychiatric support for feline mental health issues, but no joy finding our kitten.

Then in January 2005, I took down the Christmas tree and put it in the yard. A day later my husband came into the house whispering excitedly that there was a kitten under the tree - we had found our beautiful Molly, the prettiest kitty cat you ever saw (though I like to think she found us).

Cute beyond belief, she was a tabby fur ball about eight weeks old and so pretty she could have been a cat model. Half Persian with huge saucer green eyes and a perfect colour balance. Molly was nervous, timid and shy at first and we gently allowed her the space to settle. Thinking she belonged to someone else, we put up posters in the local shop saying we found her. Nobody came forward.

So we kept her and doted on her and like a bud she blossomed and became playful, cheeky, loving and bold. She had the funniest little sideways run, just like a camel she galloped around the house, making us laugh.

She was the most loving pet and had a skill of forcing affection from you - even if you didn't have time, she put her head firmly into your hand, rubbing her head into you and purring loudly. She would also cuddle up beside her pal Ruby, our two-year-old lab (above).

She witnessed our two boys come into our home from the hospital and suffered the indignity and torture of tail pulling and cat chasing persecution by the two little terrors. She went on to learn to say my name (this is really true) and would routinely holler it out at 6am outside my bedroom window if she was left out all night. H.e.l.e.n - I can still hear her.

Her vocabulary increased, she learned to say hello. H.e.l.l.o - I swear this is true. She was an indoor cat and lived with us happily for 12 years. She died before her time and I miss her so much. Sleep well my lovely.

Helen Mooney, Dublin 5

Name: Molly

Finest hour: Learning to say 'Hello Helen'

Liked: Making us laugh

Disliked: Outdoors

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