Saturday 19 January 2019

My Pet: Our perfect little bundle of mischief


Aoibhe Landers, Oranmore, aged 11

We had been asking Mum and Dad for a puppy for ages and now we were finally going to get one. My two brothers and I were so excited.

The puppy was bought from a local dog breeder in Oranmore. She was an adorable black and white Shih Tzu pup, three months old, with lots of hair. She was like a ball of wool with huge chestnut brown eyes.

We decided to name her Holly. Holly had one brother and four sisters but, when we went to pick out a dog from the breeder, there were only two puppies left. Holly was the perfect puppy for us.

We also had to buy a basket for Holly, some toys and a seatbelt for the car. Mum took Holly to the vet to be micro-chipped and to get her vaccinations.

Holly can be quite naughty. Sometimes, she jumps up on chairs and on to the kitchen table. She even broke the beautiful designer butter dish that was left on the table.

Mum was not impressed, threatening Holly that she would pack her bag and find a new home for her.

She also runs upstairs but this is not allowed and, when we try to catch her, she thinks it is a game and runs even faster. Holly also licks the cutlery when the dishwasher is open and, when my aunt left her cup of tea on the table, we found Holly on the chair with her two front paws on the table with her nose in the cup of tea drinking it.

One day when I was at school, my mum brought Holly for a haircut. When I got home from school, I got a huge fright as Holly had got a number one haircut - half the dog was missing!

Some weeks ago, we got a puppy trainer to come to our house. Mum said the trainer was necessary as Holly was ignoring us and that she had some bad habits. The trainer was very strict with her and when he asked her to do something, he gave clear commands. We learned some things from him. He said we should never let her see us cleaning up her mess and never to wake a sleeping dog.

Our lives have been turned upside down since Holly arrived, but we would not have it any other way - she's part of our family now.

Aoibhe Landers, Oranmore, aged 11

Name: Holly

Finest hour: Seeing her new home for the first time

Likes: Cuddles, playing and meeting new people

Dislikes: Being brushed, going to the vet and being on her own

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