Monday 14 October 2019

My Pet: Nuggets and best pal Tenders rule roost


Sinead Foley-Coleman

Hey there, I'm Nuggets and my best buddy is called Tenders - and yes you've guessed it, we're chickens.

Initially, we weren't even supposed to live with our family, we were supposed to go to granny's house but she lives in a village with dogs and cars and lots of other stuff that wouldn't be good for chickens.

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So we got here to Gurteen and put down roots, or feathers in our case, and we just love it here.

There are four humans in the house, two adults and two nearly adults.

Two donkeys live here too and they keep braying at us but neither me nor Tenders speak donkey so I can only guess that they're giving out to us because we're allowed in the house and apparently they aren't.

I love to hear my claws go click, click, clack on the wooden floors but that means that the mother human can hear us down the corridor and she shoos us out. We are allowed sit on the bar under the table in the kitchen but the boy human has really long legs and he stretches out under the table. Sometimes I have to give him a little peck on the ankles to get him to shift off our perch.

When the girl human is going for a walk, she carries me and Tenders under her arms which is lovely and snuggly, a bit like under our mother's wing.

Sometimes the children humans smuggle biscuits to us but by the time they reach us all that remains are paltry, never mind poultry, rations!

The animal that seems to love us most round here is called fox. He visits often and wants to get into our house (to say hello I suppose) but our humans go mad and shout at him and chase him away. Obviously they are jealous that we might become best friends with the fox and not them.

The time I love the most is when the humans bring us indoors to the box near the fire when it's cold. They feed us chopped up fruit and grains and once we were even allowed to sit on one of the seats until Tenders did a woopsie and the human man sat on it and said some very strange words. We were banished outdoors for a while and we didn't lay eggs for a week after that!

All in all, this home is the best because we are part of the family.

Sinead Foley-Coleman, Gurteen, Co Sligo

Name: Nuggets (and Tenders too)

Finest hour: Getting a seat beside the fire

Likes: Biscuits!

Dislikes: Foxes

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