Thursday 19 September 2019

My Pet: No walk is complete without Finn's fans


Sally McEllistrim

My name is Finn McCool, but you can call me Finn. I was named after the mythical Irish warrior of the same name, so I have a lot to live up to.

I am a little Cavalier King Charles of impeccable pedigree and I am almost a whole year old. I am quite tall now and really cute, even if I do say so myself. Hey, we have to practise self-love!

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I live with care and kindness and it's true to say I lead a charmed life.

I am now sleeping through the night, much to my two-legged Mama's relief as she didn't appreciate having to get up to let me outdoors.

I am not the only prima donna in the house, I can tell you! However, I adore my Mama, even when she is a little bit cross with me. It never lasts long and I don't piddle on the floor any more. I get lots of goodies when I do my business outside.

Some of the names I am regularly called are "cheeky chops", "Finnzy" and "guzzles". Pet names, she calls them. Ha ha, pet, get it? I have lots of toys and I particularly like the ones which squeak.

I love chewing on shoes, laces, slippers, glasses - basically anything I can wrap my little jaws around, but I don't really get in trouble as I'm too cute!

I have the run of the house and I get lots of lovely food, treats and walks. Oh, how I love my walkies. I always know when we are heading out, to the nearest racetrack or along the canal, and I bark my approval. We meet lots of new admirers (of me!). "Finn's fans" she calls them. One lady described me as "delicious" and my two-legged Mama beamed and said "yes, he is".

There are lots of photos of me. Some are now framed and adorning the walls and there is even talk of me gracing the cover of this year's Christmas cards. However, being immortalised in the Sunday Independent is the best of all.

My two-legged Mama reminds me of how lucky I am and to spare a thought for other little doggies who are not loved, cherished and treated as well as they should be. It is a sobering thought and I realise just how lucky I am. I am loved, treated with kindness, care and respect, and that's the way it should be for all little four-legged creatures.

Sally McEllistrim, Kilcullen, Co Kildare

Name: Finn

Finest hour: Being brave at the vets

Likes: Food, walking, fun, tummy tickles, other dogs and chasing

Dislikes: Cats, birds, wind and discomfort

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