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My Pet: Minnie, a dog with a big sense of humour





I'm called Minnie and I'm about six years old. I don't know how I ended up there but a kind lady rescued me from Donegal Pound when I was a few months old.

She arranged for me to come to live near Clogherhead in Co Louth with two nice people who do everything to keep me happy, comfortable and well fed.

They bring me for walks at nice places like the beach and An Grianan (a big house surrounded by trees and grass where I can run and sniff). They also buy me toys that I really enjoy chewing to bits.

I also like to pick them up and shake them to frighten away the weird things that I see in the funny glass box thing hanging on the wall. I think they call it 'the telly' and they spend a lot of time looking at it.

Sometimes I see dogs and cats and other bigger animals on it so I have to make sure that none of them comes into our house and attacks us!

If I don't have a toy handy I grab a cushion or rug from the sofa and brandish that at anything scary. It works because they always go away.

My favourite toys are balls and my favourite ball is the one that has flashing lights in it that sparkles when it bounces.

My favourite game is the one I have trained Mum to play with me.

We started out with Mum throwing the ball across the room so that I could run after it and bring it back.

She doesn't seem to like picking the ball up off the floor when it is all gooey and sticky after I've been chewing it so she uses a plastic scoop to shovel it up.

I found it was a bit dangerous running along on the slippery wooden floor as I kept crashing into the furniture so I decided it would be better to toss the ball gently to her so that she could catch it easily.

She turned out to be very easy to train, and we can now toss the ball back and forth without it bouncing out of reach. But I always like to finish the game with a good 'lap of honour' around the room.

We dogs must work hard on training our humans to look after us properly. There are times I think that if I didn't bring my KONG Wobbler over to Mum and drop it on her toe to remind her to fill it up with kibble I would never get my breakfast!

Florence Shields Clogherhead, Co Louth

Name: Minnie

Finest hour: Getting rescued from the pound and finding my new family

Likes: Playing ball and training my family to throw my ball for me to fetch

Dislikes: Having to part with my ball when the game is over

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