Thursday 19 April 2018

My Pet: Milo makes the good times better


Roughan and Helena Mac Namara, Blackrock, Co Dublin

You knew I was your owner as soon as I picked you up in my arms as a pup in DSPCA.

Just as I knew you were our dog, Milo.

Helena and myself had already bought a house together, but once we got a dog friends now said: "It's really getting serious"

Milo is part of us. He is one of the pack. He makes the good times better and lifts us out of ourselves in the bad times.

Kids adore him. Some children on our road used to call into the house and look straight past me and ask: "Is Milo coming out to play?"

And you always did. Running, licking, fetching... spreading happiness as you go. Making friends as the sun sets in the top field and the kids are called in for tea.

A friend of mine summed it up when he said: "Dogs have nothing but love for you." It is so true. There are no bad dogs just bad owners who turn some dogs bad through mistreatment.

Then you became a Facebook star. Posts about you regularly get 50 likes or more as posts about myself often crash and burn.

One crowd favourite post was the picture of you snoozing on the big leather chair with the heading:

"So Milo, how is it going for you since you were adopted from the DSPCA and moved to Blackrock?"

Like all dogs you have given so much love and ask for nothing in return. Just food, shelter and a cuddle.

Like all great dogs you teach us a lot too. Watching you running on the beach as dawn breaks on a sunny Saturday morning. Chasing the birds. Looking back at me as if to say: "This is so much fun! Thanks!!!"


The water splashes as your paws break the surface.

Running... always running... free.

Name: Milo

Finest hour: Got knocked down, flew 15ft in the air and not a scratch! #ToughDog

Likes: Sleeping, eating, getting hugs and giving out lots of love

Dislikes: Not getting at least a little bit of whatever you are eating

If you would like your pet featured in this column please send a story of 440 words, in your own voice not the pet's, and a photograph to clearly labelled MY PET

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