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My Pet: Meet Penny, 'best girl in the world'


Penny the dog

Penny the dog

Penny the dog

Hi, my name's Penny and I'm a springer spaniel. I used to be called Trigger Happy Girl - but my new family didn't think that name suited me so they named me after my doggy mam, Penny.

When my new family first met me, they got to see all my brothers and sisters too! I didn't really like visitors at the time (I still don't!) so I stayed quiet in my bed while my siblings tried to impress my new family. In my old house there were lots of us puppies but my mam couldn't look after us all. That's when I moved to my new home.

I love my home in Dublin with my human mam, dad and two sisters. I have a human brother too but he lives far away in a land with a crazy orange human leader. I do miss my human brother sometimes but I know that every time I see him I sense his smell and all the good memories come back to me.

There are lots of things I love about my home with my human family but some of my favourite things have to be shadows and socks. Shadows are so exciting. I could chase them all day. The best part of the day is when our back door is open so I can watch all the different shadows. Apart from the shadows I really, really love socks. When the humans aren't looking I bound up the stairs to the sock drawer. I get a big treat if I sacrifice the sock to the silly humans. I wonder if they'll ever get sick of the sock game?

I have to let you know that I have lots of energy so shadows and socks aren't enough for me and I need lots of walks in my day. My favourite place at the weekends is the Phoenix Park cos I can run anywhere I like. After I've used up all my energy, I spend my evenings in the grey chair. The grey chair is really for my dad but we share it and I keep it warm for him all night.

It's not all fun and games though and the saddest part of my day is when the humans go some place they call work. That means I'm on my own for a little bit. But it's OK cos I know they will always come home and give me a big belly rub, telling me I'm the best girl in the world. Did you hear that, I am the best girl in the world!

Name: Penny

Finest hour: Every week when I get out to the park

Likes: Chasing shadows and playing the sock game - imagine if I could combine the two!

Dislikes: Being on my own. Luckily there's no social distancing at home for me

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