Monday 26 August 2019

My Pet: Meet Kiko, our adorable little cutie


Sheila O'Brien

Hello, my name is Kiko and I am an adorable Cavachon (so I'm told). I came to my forever home when I was an 11-week-old puppy.

I can just about remember that car journey with my new human parents - Dad drove really slow and Mum stroked my head until I dozed asleep. I was really proud of myself that I didn't get sick in the car and Mum and Dad told me I was a great little girl - even though I did a little wee on the rug in front of the fire.

I have a lot less "accidents" inside now, I know I must go to the door when I need to go out to the bathroom and my parents lavish me with praise when I do my business on the grass.

It took me a while to adjust to my new surroundings; I have a lot more space to run around inside the house and a huge garden to play in.

I enjoy exploring outdoors but I'm not allowed out near the road because my parents say it's too dangerous, but hey what do I know - I'm only nine months old!

I love when Dad comes out to play ball in the garden with me, we play fetch for ages until I get tired and I have to lie down and have a snooze. Mum usually takes me for walks. I get really excited when I see my harness and lead and wonder what adventure we are heading for. Sometimes we go in the car so that we can walk in the park or the nearby forest area. I enjoy travelling in the car, especially as Mum has a proper car seat for me so I can see out the window as she drives.

One thing I really don't like is visiting the vets. Once we enter the doorway I just freeze and start yelping - I just want to leave immediately. I haven't been there since I had my stitches out after being spayed (ouch, that operation was rough) and I hope I don't have to go back there for a very long time.

I am utterly devoted to my parents and they receive abundant love from me. I reign supreme in the household and that's the way I like it. I get my parents' undivided attention and I am spoilt rotten.

I love when I get new toys but I still can't resist chewing on Dad's flip flops and gnawing at his shoe laces and Mum can't get cross at this little cutie for stealing her underwear and socks - I blame the teething.

Sheila O'Brien, Ballyduff Upper, Co Waterford

Name: Kiko

Finest hour: Cuddles at night-time on the sofa

Likes: Travelling in the car, bath time and brushing

Dislikes: Vet visits and the lawnmower

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