Friday 15 November 2019

My pet: Local celebrities a playful double-act

Gregory and Custard
Gregory and Custard

Shane (9) and Rian (7) Gill, Co Limerick

We got Gregory almost 18 months ago. Our dad was looking for straw online and he spotted this cute pug-border terrier cross pup in Tipperary.

He said nothing and went to see him and fell in love with his cuteness.

We had just moved into a new house and he didn't want our mum to get stressed over a new dog, so he didn't bring him back for another few weeks.

We loved this little pup straight away - all he wanted to do was play. Rian called him Gregory after a Minecraft character's dog.

At the start, Mum wasn't too impressed with Gregory - he had to be house-trained and had a few accidents, of course. All fixable - his poos were only the size of small Twixes!

But sure enough, Mum fell in love with Gregory, too.

Dad said he always wanted a pet monkey and that Gregory was basically the same as having a monkey.

He's very good at climbing and if he is outside, he still climbs up on the window sill to watch TV.

Then Custard arrived this year. Dad was on a farm and he admired this beautiful Labrador.

Katie and Tom, the people who had her, asked if he would like to keep her. Dad was amazed, but they reckoned Custard would be happier where there were children.

This time, Dad asked Mum, and when she saw Custard, she thought she was amazing. We had a Labrador pup called Junior, but he was killed by a car when we were very young. Custard looks very like Junior. Junior was a great dog, too.

She is very calm and well-mannered. She and Gregory are now best friends and they have great fun playing together and just hanging out.

We love our dogs. They go everywhere with us - to hurling and soccer and rugby training and matches, and often when we get dropped off and collected from school.

All of our friends love them as well, and they are kind of dog-celebrities around where we live in Castleconnell, Co Limerick.

Names: Gregory and Custard

Finest Hour: Coming second in 'Best Terrier' and 'Most Obedient Dog' at Quakerstown Dog Show

Likes: Running through fields, watching sport on TV, salami, socialising

Dislikes: Cats and crows

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