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My Pet: Little Mabel loves life in the fast lane


Mabel from Gort

Mabel from Gort

Mabel from Gort

Hello everybody! My name is Mabel and I am a very beautiful Bichon Frise!

Let me tell you a little about myself: I am 35 years old (in dog years!), I was born in Gort, Co Galway, in May 2011 and had one brother. When my new family came to see me the two little girls Anna and Laura immediately fell in love with me. I was so excited I ran rings around their ankles!

A couple of weeks later when I was ready to rejoin my new family my dad, Neil, came to collect me. I was very nervous but also very excited. Anna and Laura played with me and cuddled me all the time. I settled in very easily and kept watch on the window sill every day. A few weeks later a new baby girl arrived in the house, a little sister for Anna and Laura. There was great excitement. We called her Ella. I loved her immediately.

When Ella was just a couple of months old I was out for my usual walk with her and her mum. Suddenly a huge dog leaped over the wall and gave me such a fright I strained on my lead so hard my collar snapped! I ran in to the road and a bus ran over my leg!! Oh it was so very sore.

I was rushed to the vet and he fixed me up. It was not too bad after because I got lots of attention! That was a very dramatic event. I had to wear an itchy cone around my neck for a week which was not very pleasant because all I wanted to do was scratch my leg!

Thankfully my other days have not been as remarkable.

I generally lounge around on the couch or the window sill, dozing and waiting for Anna, Laura and Ella to come home from school.

Sometimes, however, my peace is disturbed by the arrival of the postman.

I try my best to scare him away, while perched on the window sill barking and barking. But he does not seem to hear me.

One of my favourite pastimes is to go for a spin in the car. I never care where it is going so long as I can go too! As soon as the car door opens I jump in. I look at my family with the biggest, cutest puppy eyes I can manage in an effort to convince them to take me along too! Sometimes I even manage to hide as a stowaway under the girls jackets!

I have a great time. There's nothing I love more than snoozing on the couch beside my family. I also enjoy visiting my cousin Archie in Tipperary. He is a Bichon too and we have a great time playing with each other. I am really happy in the Trappe household. It really is a dog's life.

Name: Mabel

Finest hour: Day trip to the beach

Likes: Chicken and car journeys

Dislikes: Postmen and the doorbell

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