Tuesday 17 September 2019

My Pet: Life's a beach for gorgeous Gracie

Gracie Belle
Gracie Belle

Billy Clarke

Bonjour. Je m'appelle Gracie Belle. I don't actually speak French but my owners (mammy and daddy) seem to get great pleasure out of talking to me in some kind of Franco/Italian dialect. I'm not even 100pc sure if my name is Gracie Belle. I've counted seven pseudonyms that I'm otherwise known as. These are 'Baba', 'Baba-ganush', 'Puppy-paws', 'Puppy poo', 'Bupple', 'Fluffy- Head' and 'Mutton-chops bum'.

I have lived here in Castlebar, Co Mayo, for the last three years with my mammy (Joan) and daddy (Billy). My doggy mammy (Beauty) lives about 10 minutes' away. I like to visit her sometimes, but not too often. She's a typical Irish Mammy; always asking me when I'm going to settle down; trying to set me up with the local vet's dog.

The truth is I'm very happy as I am. A typical day for me starts with a healthy breakfast, followed by a trip to Westport in the car and a good run on one of the lovely beaches. Then daddy and I play my favourite game where he throws stones into the ocean and I try to catch them. I never do, but it's such fun. Then I go home for my four-hour afternoon nap, waking up every now and then to follow mammy to the toilet or to the fridge.

Daddy comes home from work around 4pm and we hit the town for another walk. Sometimes we meet all of the children finishing school, and boy, do they love me! They like to talk to me, pat me on the head and give me half-eaten sausage rolls.

In the evening I like to snuggle up with mammy and watch my favourite TV programmes Made in Chelsea and America's Next Top Model. Sometimes I don't have time to sit down with all the plates of food lying about that have to be licked clean. These plates don't clean themselves.

About 11pm I like to climb into bed with mammy and daddy. I start at the foot of the bed and then work my way up to daddy's pillow throughout the night. Then I like to lay horizontally with my paws in the air, making sure that both mammy and daddy are left hanging from the side of the bed. This makes it easier for them to get up in the morning and feed me. It's a dog's life.

Billy Clarke, Castlebar, Co Mayo

Name: Gracie Belle

Finest hour: First class honours certificate at Puppy School

Likes: Swimming and sleeping in between mammy and daddy

Dislikes: Juno (the neighbour's dog) and when daddy plays the harmonica

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