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My Pet: Life is purrfect for Princess Lucy





My name is Lucy, though I really think it should be Princess Lucy. The first time I met Ger, my vet, he said I had "a touch of the exotic, and it's true to say I am adored by all, especially my mum, Sue.

My first memory is when I was three months old, I wanted to be a ballerina so went to join the local ballet class. They kept putting me back outside, until they realised I had forgotten where I came from. They took fantastic care of me and found me my new mum.

Sue and I are best friends and we always have a long chat every morning. When I come in for my breakfast, I tell her everything I did during the night. I get special morning cuddles, and a lovely breakfast, including warmed milk, which is my favourite treat!

Some mornings Sue is a bit slow getting out of bed to feed me , but I found the answer to that, I just rip up the nearest piece of paper, and that does the trick. Any time I need instant attention it works! Occasionally, she goes ballistic, I'm not quite sure why, but I'm working on that - could it be that some bits of paper are more important than others?

I enjoy sitting on the table watching Sue paint for hours on end, or sitting right up close to the sewing machine when she sews.

You would never know when I could need those skills myself, so I have to learn every detail.

Fortunately, Sue is very understanding about this, and loves my company. I did jump on a wet painting once, so I have to be extra careful now to check it's dry first, I didn't really like the paint sticking to my feet.

In winter I laze on the top of the couch by the window, watching the world go by.

This year we had that white snow stuff, when my garden just vanished.

Herself wanted me to go out to the loo in that... well I just gave her one of my looks and she got the message... Would she like to settle her derriere in that wet, white freezing stuff?

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I just adore the long warm summers, and sunbathing, and when I need some exercise I go hunting.

I catch all sorts of things - rats, mice, birds, spiders and anything that moves, and yes - they are delicious!

I really do have a purrfect life, don't I?

Sue Jacob, Kinsale, Co Cork

Name: Lucy

Finest hour: Homed by the ballet class

Likes: Sunbathing

Dislikes: Snow

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