Wednesday 23 October 2019

My Pet: Kindness keeps me warm in the winter

The Downings cat
The Downings cat

Pauline Ball

I live in Downings but have no home, no name, no birthday. I spend my days rambling through the heather and walking on stone walls. I have injured my left front paw and now find it hard to jump, run or hunt. One day I was walking the roads and suddenly was in pain. I had to stay in the hedge a few days as I could not walk.

I depend on people to be kind to me. Before my accident, I could jump up on a windowsill and look in and get attention. I saw a TV show where a vet was able to repair an injured leg. Would he be able to help me? I dread the winter, as Mr Fox might get me. I often see him on the hill but keep out of his way.

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I have a friend who comes now and again to her house. She brings me nice food. I always appear early in the morning and sit on the doorstep. Next thing she opens the bedroom window and checks that I am there for my three-course breakfast. I watch for her neighbour as she also feeds me.

I would love to go home with them but they have cats who would not welcome me. Trust my luck. I saw a lady take a fancy box out of her car with two cats. Thank God she took them home again, as I do not like competition.

I spend my days looking at the views on the Wild Atlantic Way… Horn Head, Muckish Mountain, Sheephaven Bay, Mulroy Bay where I see McBride's boats bringing in crab… oh, how I would love some.

I see nice hotels… Rosapenna, Downings Bay and The Beach. I am sure they would welcome a cat like me. I would earn my keep…. must be some nice scraps there. I watch two big black cats hunting rabbits… well for them as they have four fit paws.

I love looking at the children playing on the beach... no worries for them.

It will be cold and wet soon. I would love a new home with a warm fire or a shed to sleep in. Would anyone find it in their heart to take me in?

I would consider going to live in Carrigart in the parochial house - but I would miss the stone walls here as sometimes I can get a mouse.

Pauline Ball, Ballygawley, Co Tyrone

Name: The Downings cat

Finest hour: Seeing the supervet on TV

Likes: The kindness of strangers

Dislikes: Mr Fox

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