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My pet: Kildare conundrum solved by Miss Marple

Like her fictional namesake, Miss Marple is a tiny old lady with a big attitude. Therese Cullen and her family first took her in as a foster dog, but soon the case of finding a forever home was closed


My Pet: Miss Marple owned by Therese Cullen

My Pet: Miss Marple owned by Therese Cullen

My Pet: Miss Marple owned by Therese Cullen

When we initially fostered 10-year-old Miss Marple, it was just for two weeks to allow her to build up her strength for major surgery she needed. Over the past few years, we fostered puppies of all shapes and sizes, eventually waving each of them off to their new adoptive homes when the time was right. However, it was this little old lady with a big attitude who turned out to be the perfect fit for our family.

The DSPCA had rescued Miss Marple after she was found straying with two huge hernias, pneumonia and little-to-no fur on her back or tail. We decided that we would continue to foster her after her surgery, to allow her to recoup.

However, the recovery was tough on her little body and we spent a very anxious bank holiday weekend pacing the car park of UCD emergency veterinary hospital when she was rushed back for a second surgery.

She was given a 50/50 shot at surviving and we swore that if she made it through the night, we would adopt her immediately.

Since then, our little fighter has discovered a love for food like no other, made peace with her feline housemate, Ajay, and grown a tail so fluffy that we now believe she has some Pomeranian in her breed.

Miss Marple is greatly suited to her name, she follows us around the house sticking her nose into everything.

We've learned so much from Miss Marple about resilience, trust and positivity. Most of all, we've learned that the new tricks you can teach an old dog aren't half as wonderful as what they can teach you.

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