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My Pet: I'm nuts about Mum - but not her food





The great thing I remember from before the lockdown was being on holidays at Granny Maeve's. She feeds me the tastiest chicken, lamb and salmon that a dog could ever dream of. I came back to Salthill after one week a whole kilo heavier - and that's quite the feat considering I'm only 2.9kg now.

I don't know why Mum only gives me organic nuts that the vet recommends. They're very crunchy. And dry. But c'est la vie.

Apart from food, I love to lie on Mum's lap when she's reading her book. I snuggle up on her warm jumper. Dad wants her to stop buying books and "go digital" - but she doesn't agree. I hope she sticks to her guns. The sound of the pages turning relaxes me. Sometimes she reads out loud to me too - like last weekend it was some guy called Joseph O'Connor talking about a ''faithful hound''.

She said that's what I am. Haven't a clue what she was on about but I'll take the back rub any time.

I'm not allowed upstairs but sometimes I bolt up in the morning to wake up Clara, Vincent and Nia - my very best buddies. They love it when I jump on the bed and lick them to let them know it's morning.

They are so much fun. They want to play right away and sometimes they reach up and grab a treat for me too (when Mum and Dad aren't looking).

I love to run around the garden and chase birds and even the odd fox. My bark is so loud I can sound fierce. Everyone says that's the Jack Russell coming out in me. I'm also part Bichon Frise and 25pc pug too.

Dad says I'm the cutest mutt he has ever seen, and I think that's supposed to be a compliment.

I'm always thrilled when Dad comes out to play with me. I jump so high I can nearly reach his waist and he tells me that melts all his stress away. I want to tell him not to be stressed, that the worst seldom happens - but the best I can do is my merry little dance to bring a smile on his face.

We go for a walk on the prom most days. But these past two months I don't seem to get so many strangers coming up to pet me. Mum says it's social distancing and she knows everything.

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The prom is absolutely the best place in the world. Mum said it's even right up there with Keadue Beach. I get the wind in my hair, the salty air on my face and romp around and see all my friends. It's definitely a dog's life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I wonder when we're going back to Granny Maeve's?

Anita de Paor,  Salthill, Galway

Name: Coco

Finest hour: Every morning when I jump on the bed to wake my three best friends

Likes: Belly rubs and hot water bottles

Dislikes: Hoovers and hairdryers

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