Monday 23 September 2019

My Pet: I was a model pet but my figure went

Ruby (left) and me modelling for Bucas
Ruby (left) and me modelling for Bucas

Yasmin Hyde

Hi, I'm Yuppy. I was born on Jane Scully's farm near Baltimore, Co Cork, where she keeps dogs, cattle and horses.

One day this family from the other side of Cork city came down and picked me out of the litter. I don't know why me as I had lots of brothers and sisters to choose from, but I am very glad. It was a match made in heaven - their older pet was very kind to me and helped me settle in and we have all been very happy ever since.

I'm going to tell you something very scary! My da is a vet! Imagine that, having to live under the same roof as a vet - actually he is very nice, but when I see him putting on his gloves, or standing at the back of his Jeep, I'm off! Luckily, I can take refuge under the couch, nobody can reach me there.

I'm a great catch. Yes, I love games with the tennis ball, I can catch any ball in the air. I would have made a great goalie, given the chance. When my mom comes in from work, I know she is very tired, but she will always give me and my housemate Ruby a game of ball. After ball we have our supper, then mom and da have their supper.

I have my own seat at the table, but sometimes I'm better off under the table, where I might be handed down a cracker with some Cashel Blue, my favourite.

After supper, Ruby goes on fox-watch. He can dangle himself over the back of the couch, where he keeps watch out of the window. As soon as he thinks he sees a fox, he sounds the alarm and next thing all hell breaks loose and we clamber to be first out the kitchen door and dash out for the chase. Ruby could "see" many foxes in an evening. My other favourite time is when we have visitors over, because we all sit down together and I love listening to the conversation and I can cuddle up with everyone.

My proudest moment was being chosen, with Ruby, to model for Bucas dog rugs. Gosh, modelling is tiring! I just wanted to lie down on the grass, but they kept calling me and snapping their fingers. It was all worthwhile as we were allowed keep the rugs. I was very popular then, and started my own Facebook page. I don't think I would be chosen to model now as I lost my good figure along the line!

My mom sometimes brings home strays. Of course, I don't know their unfortunate situation, but I really don't like this intrusion in my life - they are usually smelly, and she has to give them special attention, so I lose out. Surely all dogs should have a happy home like me?

Yasmin Hyde, Co Cork

Name: Yuppy

Finest hour: Modelling for Bucas dog rugs

Likes: Floating along in mom's Prius plug-in

Dislikes: Strays

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