Friday 21 June 2019

My Pet: How love bridges the species divide


Ann Harte O'Toole

We are of a different species you and I. We do not speak one another's language. But we communicate very well.

The love between us is so great.

You just love me as I am.

You do not look from any material goods from me, just kindness and food.

I know you care about me. You know I care about you.

Your big brown eyes stare full of goodness at me and your tail wags and wags.

We decided, one cold evening before going on holidays, that we would go to the ISPCA dog enclosure to look at a dog we had seen on the website.

After travelling a long distance to Killimor, Co Galway, the dog we had our hearts set on was not available. We decided to look at the other dogs that were available for adoption.

The minute you saw us your heart jumped for joy.

You picked us immediately, you kept jumping up and down and creating a scene, you made sure you got our attention. We were compelled to take you out for walkies. You licked my face before the walk, and you licked my face before putting you back in your enclosure. I felt you begged us to take you home.

On our return from holidays, we went back to ISPCA, Killimor, to collect you - you had waited and waited for us to return, I could see the joy in your beautiful, big brown eyes when you saw us.

You love to sit close to me.

When I enter my house, you jump for joy and wag your tail.

There is nothing false about you.

You never bully me.

You never hurt my feelings.

You don't care if I am fat or thin, rich or poor.

You don't mind my grey hair.

You still love me.

You loved us the minute you set eyes on us on death row.

You licked my face all over, not once, but twice.

How could I leave you there with your sad face and tail between your legs?

Why were you on death row? I do not ask.

You got a second chance.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Did you draw blood because you loved too much?

Why are you so nervous - what happened to you?

Maybe you were in too many homes, you got sick in the car on the way to our home, but we understood.

You are so smart. I am confident that if I end up living on a city bench with my worldly goods sitting beside me in a black plastic bag you will be by my side. Some of my own species will disown me. But not YOU, MY FRIEND.

Ann Harte O'Toole, Galway

Name: Topper

Finest hour: Jumping with joy when we walk in the house

Likes: Walking on the beach

Dislikes: Baths, showers, groomer and the postman

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