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My Pet: High-speed Bichon buzz is all the rage


Coco the dog

Coco the dog

Coco the dog

HI! My name is Coco and I am a Bichon Frise. I live in Tipperary, and I am two years old which is three years younger than my frenemy Fluffy the cat. From the first day I arrived, she disliked me and my owner was scared that Fluffy would hurt me - but luckily she is used to me by now. Sometimes, if I go too close to her, she'll give me a tap on the nose but I don't really mind. At least I'm comfy inside with my teddy called Grandad and she's happy sitting on the windowsill outside.

My Daddy is a farmer, and when he comes home, I love licking the mud from his boots but my owner doesn't like this because it gives me bad breath. My favourite place at home is sitting in my Daddy's chair in the sitting room. I like sitting there, admiring the three rosettes I've won at the Iverk Show in Piltown.

My Daddy has two other dogs and they are Border Collies. They work on the farm and they are called Jack and Jill. I like talking to them sometimes, but one day I escaped into the field where the cows were grazing. I got super excited and did the Bichon buzz. The Bichon buzz is a phenomenon that happens when Bichons run around in circles at high speed. Anyway, the cows got tired of me eventually and I headed home.

It's busy on the farm at the moment as all the cows are having their calves. I've recently met the calves and my favourite ones are twin calves called Molly and Holly. I like them because they are both quite small like me.

When I'm not on the farm I love climbing mountains. I've climbed the Kinnitty and the Comeragh mountains. Next stop Everest.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I always have to go to bed and I do not like going to bed. So sometimes I hide under the kitchen table, but my owner finds me, picks me up and into bed I go.

I know my owner loves me, because last Easter when my tail got stuck in the go-kart wheel she minded me and made me better by putting cream on my tail and the best part was that I got doggie treats for a whole week. Now my tail is back to normal and I can wag it till the cows come home.

Name: Coco

Finest hour: Victory at the Iverk Show

Likes: Licking mud or climbing mountains!

Dislikes: Going to bed

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