Saturday 21 September 2019

My Pet: High security for my mountain life


Aoife Walsh

My name is Sparrow. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier and I live with my people and my best friend Coco in a house in the mountains. I am head of security up here, so I'm kept busy.

I like to check the garden every morning before the people go out. Then once they're gone, I eat a dental stick, check my emails and catch up on any current canine affairs.

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Coco takes care of any rogue spiders at this point - it's nice to let her do her bit, you know yourself, let her feel involved!

Once the people get home, I have a quick toilet break and a snack while I fill them in on any interesting developments from during the day.

Then I usually take the people for a walk; it's very good for them and it allows me to check on things a little further from home. I like to keep my paws on the pulse of the area, make sure I know who's weeing on what path etc.

After stretching our legs, we sometimes like to watch an episode of something on telly, or read our books. Coco checks the radiators for odd socks to collect and takes a nap.

Sometimes, I take a nap during the day and Coco takes a turn on watch. She's not the most reliable though, and usually, I wake up because she's snoring! It was a bit lonelier before Coco came, and it was more hectic!

The girls are bigger now and they run faster. Sometimes, they go out for ages and I forget their smells; I still check their rooms when they're gone, though. Coco likes to help with this but she does forget to come back downstairs, and then she gets distracted looking out the window at the people when they come home. Every time I have to try and explain that really it was all part of the security check.

Coco's a great runner, I have to give her that! She does let birds torment her though, they know she'll never catch them but Coco is far too optimistic!

Anyway, I have to dash...we're headed down to Nana's, so I should make sure that Granda takes his walk in the garden and Nana usually has gravy in the fridge to get rid of! Never a dull moment, let me tell you!

Aoife Walsh, Rockbrook, Dublin

Name: Sparrow

Finest hour: Dawn patrol every day

Likes: Security duty

Dislikes: Intruders

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