Friday 15 November 2019

My Pet: Handsome Harry loves life on the run


Aine Manning

My name is Harry and I am nearly six years old. I have been living in Portmarnock, Co Dublin, for nearly five of my six years. Before that, I lived in the Sally Gap as a rescue dog, waiting for my forever family to find me.

I was found as a starving puppy, when I was three months old, and the ISPCA looked after me for over a year while I waited for my new home. One day some people came to visit me and a few days later I moved in with them to be their pet. Lucky them.

They think I am the bee's knees - which is understandable. I am a very handsome chap as you can see from my photograph. That was the beginning of my new life.

If you have never been to Portmarnock, I will give you a dog's eye view. There is Paddy's Hill which is near my home and full of long meadow grass to hunt in, wild flowers, fox scent and hares. Sometimes I find fantastically smelly things to roll in. I love it.

From there, I go to High Rock, which is my section of the beach and I patrol the horizon looking for boats and birds. If I see any, I run up and down barking and then swim out to sea after them. I am still waiting to catch one of those sneaky cormorants. They dive every time I get near them, so I have to keep swimming for hours. Once, I was taken back to shore, in a lifeguards' boat. That was exciting. I often see people take videos of me on their phones, but I don't know why?

Most days, I go from High Rock to the Velvet Strand, which is the main beach in Portmarnock. I run and swim for miles, checking every section of beach, the dunes and, if I am really lucky, I have a sniff around the golf club.

As a matter of fact, I have been in a golf buggy twice, zooming through the golf links after being captured hunting for pheasants and ducks.

Did I mention, I am part Springer Spaniel and part Collie so it's in my nature? My rescuers/captors are always really nice to me and give me delicious treats before I go back home for a long snooze on the rug.

In my dreams, I relive the whole day. It's a great life.

Aine Manning, Portmarnock, Co Dublin

Name: Harry

Finest hour: Flying through the water in a lifeguards' boat, eating a sausage roll

Likes: Walking, chasing birds, being petted

Dislikes: Cats, being washed

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