Wednesday 22 November 2017

My Pet: Ginger friend warmed owner's heart

Hennessy the cat
Hennessy the cat

Angela Mannion, Clare Hall, Dublin 13

I was named Hennessy because I'm ginger and my owner loves brandy! I was brought to her door as a small kitten by local children and I mewed my way straight into her heart!

Admittedly, I was beautiful with big amber-green eyes and soft ginger and white fur. I was so small I had to climb into my feeding dish to reach my food! I had a super time climbing up curtains and outside walls and getting stuck, giving my owner bad frights. Once I got frightened and climbed into a neighbour's car engine. Stuck again!

After a big search, my frantic owner heard my meowing and came to my rescue! I hate to think what might have happened otherwise.

I grew up fast into a handsome and graceful cat, guarding my garden territory and loving jumping to catch flying insects.

I loved my owner very much, so I brought her many gifts. Sometimes even live mice which I'd bring in through the cat flap. She screamed - with joy, no doubt - but strangely she always stood up on chairs while I played with them!

I loved sleeping and purring on her lap and also on her bed at night when I wasn't roaming. I woke her every morning with gentle clawing on her cheek, but I hated it when she left the house, so I was always outside to greet her when she arrived back. (I could hear her car coming from a long way!)

The worst time of all (apart from going to the vet), was when my owner went on holidays. She always tried to do her packing quietly when I wasn't there, but I always knew and got very sad and nervous. I was always afraid she would not come back and that I would be abandoned. Sometimes I was so stressed I got chest infections, so it made her feel very guilty when she came back. I would always have a "puss" on me for a few days so she would not do it again!

Once when I was eight, a stray tabby kitten arrived in the garden, mewing and hungry. Of course my owner couldn't resist and took him in. He was very affectionate and cute - and I was madly jealous. My owner, after failing to find his owner, was keeping him and christened him Smirnoff! I wasn't having any of it and made my feelings clear: it was me or him. Eventually, after two months of trying to pacify me, she had him re-homed. I was so relieved!

Sadly, I died when I was 12 and my heartbroken owner still grieves for me - and I for her, but what wonderful memories we have.

Name: Hennessy

Finest hour: Regularly jumping from a very high wall on to my owner's bent-over back

Likes: Trailing toys, ham, petting.

Dislikes: Fireworks, invading tomcat, the vet.

If you would like your pet featured in this column please send a story of 440 words and a photograph to clearly labelled MY PET

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