Tuesday 20 August 2019

My Pet: Free spirit Aiko is up to the challenge


Barbara Dohr

Hi, I'm Aiko. I am an eclectic mix of mainly Siberian husky, a bit of Schnauzer and a tiny bit of Golden Retriever.

My human says the Husky in me talks too much, but that it's OK for me to tell you my story. My life really began when I was 10 weeks old and the lovely people in Inistioge puppy rescue centre put a picture of my brother and myself up on their website to help us find our forever humans.

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Bro got adopted first, I missed him and was worried where he went. But my human had seen my picture and couldn't get me out of her head, so she came to meet me. She was nice, smelled of treats and exciting stuff like sheep and cows. I liked her, too, and told her so by licking her face - so she took me home with her, where we now live on a farm.

I had overheard her saying to the rescue people that she was interested in dog training, so I made it my business to help her learn by putting challenges to her. Free spirit that I am, I started with "how to make yourself so interesting for your dog that he wants to hang out with you, instead of amusing himself elsewhere". That led to obedience training, trick training and a bit of agility - and to her realising how much she liked training me - and to her decision to start training to become a dog trainer.

To reward her for her efforts and keep her motivated, I won her a few rosettes in all disciplines. Currently I have her doing a scentwork course with me and we'll see where that will lead us to.

She appreciates my help and knew I was thinking of my brother, so for my first birthday she surprised me with my first visit to the beach - where my brother and his wonderful humans were waiting! We got to play on the beach and now meet up every birthday.

Currently, my human is talking a lot about taking me "back home to Austria" for holidays, where we can go hiking in the mountains, visit restaurants, and go on the train. Dogs are allowed to do all these things there! Paws crossed, we'll go soon, I can't wait for new adventures!

Gotta go now, my human has the horse saddled and needs me to help her bring in the sheep. Bye!

Barbara Dohr, Co Wicklow

Name: Aiko Finest hour: Meeting up with my brother

Likes: Balls, cuddly toys, adventures/going places, racing the horses, the beach, sleeping with my human...

Dislikes: Vets - not in person, just the profession!

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