Monday 16 September 2019

My Pet: Fluffy Duffy, best Christmas box ever

Fluffy Duffy
Fluffy Duffy

P Houlihan

Shush! I hope you will keep my secret. I am excited for the day my mom will see my story and picture in her favourite paper. She doesn't know I've sent in my tale.

My mom's name is Joan. She is a kind and caring human who has taken care of me since I was six weeks old. I remember the day that I arrived at her home in Kerry. I had a long trip from Limerick, where I was born, and my brother and sister came to collect me. I was small and scared of leaving the only home I knew. My dog brother was left behind.

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We were the last of our pack. I was sad to leave him behind, but my human sister jabbered non-stop all the way home, which eased my nerves. When we arrived, I was placed in a box. I was not sure what was going on - something called a "surprise for Christmas". I shook like a leaf (I think I may have peed in the box - being frightened and all - please don't judge.

My niece and nephew presented me to my mom later that night. There was a huge bed waiting for me by the fire where I immediately felt at home. A big fuss was made of me... nothing had changed there!

Mom trained me over the next few weeks. Well, it's more like that I trained her. She knows my needs and wants by a certain look. I got a massive surprise three weeks after arriving in Kerry, when my dog brother showed up in my human brother's house. He was renamed as Patch but was still as annoying as ever!

I have grown up since - not much height wise but what I lack in that department I make up for in feistiness. I've had so many adventures over the years.

My favourite day is hanging out with mom. She takes me for drives and walks (truth be known I like walks, but everyone thinks I hate them). The fresh air and freedom make me feel like a young pup again.

She treats us afterwards to sausages or ham, or on sunny days, an ice-cream. I better stop as I am drooling at the prospect of those treats. The reason for penning this story is to say thanks to mom for adopting me that Christmas. It's almost five years since I came to Kerry as a pale pup with a Limerick accent.

P Houlihan, Kerry

Name: Fluffy Duffy

Finest hour: Being presented to my mum

Likes: Ham, nuts or, better still, ice-cream

Dislikes: Having my nails cut or someone trying to steal my bed

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