Saturday 19 October 2019

My Pet: Finding true love on a walk in the park


Mary Heeran White

Hi everyone. My name is Cassie and I'm a cute little Bichon Frise living in Ennis. I'm the luckiest little dog in the world with a lovely mam, dad and two sisters.

They're mad about me and I have them wrapped around my tiny paw. I yelp when I want anything and continue to bark until I get my way - as I know they'll give in just to shut me up.

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Mam is always praising the Lees Road Park, saying it's the best gift she could get from all the taxes she pays. I agree as we have the best fun there, and it was there I met Jack on the best day of my life.

Jack is a small dog and wonderfully clever and fun to be with. He makes me feel happy and giddy with excitement.

Something happened the day I met Jack. My memory of spotting this handsome creature galloping towards me with his silky white hair and dark alert eyes will never leave my mind.

Extending his paws towards me to embrace as I gazed into his innocent puppy eyes, my thumping heart began to melt.

Bonding instantly, I felt my heart melt the moment our eyes met and his warm sloppy tongue hung loose from his mouth with longing for me as he galloped off knowing I would follow him. We played for ages, while my mam talked to Jack's mam, and I wanted them to talk forever so that I could play - with me and Jack now becoming instant soulmates.

But, alas, the adults' conversation stopped, and I heard my mam call us to resume our walk in opposite routes through the woods. My heart sank instantly at being parted, feeling so overcome with emotions for Jack. Would I ever see him again? Panicked, and saddened, I longingly watched Jack waddle slowly in his mother's direction.

But as Jack gazed back at me, I knew fate would intervene again as I saw the love in his big, brown watery eyes.

We are both the happiest little dogs, with purpose to our lives, knowing we have feelings for each other. But it's going to be mine and Jack's little secret, for fear of appearing like two soppy little sods. Now, every day when mam mentions going walking, I spring to my tiny paws and yearn to meet my handsome Jack with a spring in my tiny paws.

Mary Heeran White, Ennis

Name: Cassie

Finest hour: Meeting Jack

Likes: Tickling belly, going for a drive, walk in the park

Dislikes: The loud donk of Angelus bell

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