Thursday 19 September 2019

My Pet: Don't tell the vet - I love Vegemite

Ned Smyth
Ned Smyth

Helen Smyth

Well hello everyone it's me, Ned Smyth. I feel like a "blogger dog". I was chatting to you all in February 2017. It's my birthday next week, I'm turning three, so I just thought I'd catch up. Now I'm fully grown, settled, wiser and majestic, a steadfast protector, loyal and devoted.

It's fair to say I take mammy for a walk each day. She gets a bit cross with me at times when I'm pulling on the leash - this social etiquette is the bane of my life. I just want to be free, sniffing and snooping in the hedgerows, so I have to behave appropriately on the road or I don't get some freedom down the side lanes. Together we clock up 5km, then it's home for a tidy up outside and then brekkie. I have my own unspoken language, I give a knock on the patio door to be let in and stare at it to be let out. It's understood completely. Breakfast in the kitchen - I'm partial to a daily slice of wholemeal toast. Sometimes I have marmalade on it, sometimes peanut butter, but my favourite has to be Vegemite. Seriously now, not a word to Vet Jennifer. I know I'm not meant to be having any human food but it's my only vice in life - promise!

A lovely lady who reads the electricity meter calls occasionally. Guess what, she even carries her own doggy bag and gives me a treat. Mind you, she doesn't delay to chat too long. I wonder why?

When mammy is digging in the garden I like to help her, with clay flying everywhere. A few choice words from her and I make a run for it. It's too much like hard work anyway, so I retire to the garden seat, affectionately referred to as "my throne" to sunbathe and catch up on some much needed sleep. Loving life!

My mission in life was to fill the four gigantic paws my predecessor left behind three years ago. We now have a sacred bond, my family and I - we bring out the good in each other.

I haven't the same personality as the previous canine, we are now all agreed on that, but I have so much to give. I am always on alert, ears perked, minding and protecting because I'm me - I'm Ned Smyth.

Helen Smyth, Co Westmeath

Name: Ned Smyth

Finest hour: Carrying in the post each morning

Likes: Going in the car

Dislikes: The wind and cats

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