Wednesday 23 October 2019

My Pet: Don't cry for me as mine was a great life


Ruth Treadwell

Hello, my name is Izzy. Well, it's actually kinda hello and goodbye from me, because I've since gone to doggy heaven.

Don't be sad. It ain't so bad up here - and I've even met a few of my old pals. But I have to say that I do miss my owner.

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The night before I left this mortal coil, my owner sat with me, held my paw and told me I was the best dog ever and that we would meet again as we were best friends on Earth and would continue to be in the afterlife.

I can't wait to see her again and I don't doubt I will.

Anyway, let me tell you about my life. I lived until the grand old age of 14 (that's 98 in dog years). As the saying goes, what's for you won't pass you - and dying young was not meant for me.

Let me explain...

I had three near misses in my life. The first was when I ate rat poison and had to go to the vets immediately to be treated when my owner saw what I had done. That was scary, but it wasn't the worst.

Then there was the time I fell out of my owner's car. OK, OK... I say "fell out" though actually I jumped out, to say hello to the neighbour's dog. Another close scrape, but not the worst.

Finally, and this is the worst… there was the time when my owner's house was broken into. As the robbers were leaving, they stole my owner's car - and I decided to jump in, because I do love going for a spin. Little did I know that they were then going to dump me in the big city of Dublin, 50km away. I was all alone there, wandering the streets of Dublin until a kind dog charity took me in.

I was really missing my owner. Somehow I knew she would move heaven and earth to try and find me. I knew she wouldn't give up until she found me. And you know what? After two weeks spent looking, she did find me.

It was the best day when she came to collect me. What a reunion! Lots of tears and hugs, a bit like my last day with her.

I had a great long life and always felt loved and cared for. What a lucky dog I was. Until we meet again...

Ruth Treadwell, Dunleer, Co Louth

Name: Izzy

Finest hour: Being reunited with my owner

Likes: My best pal, my owner

Dislikes: Robbers

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