Tuesday 11 December 2018

My Pet: Cheeky Bridgie makes every day fun


Katie Lahiffe

My cat's name is Bridget. She is like a fluffy teddy bear. She came to live with us in 2016 when she was only 12 weeks old.

My Nana Mary got her for my sixth birthday. She was born in Connemara, and was one of a family of four little ginger kittens.

My Auntie Ann collected her one Sunday, to take her to her new home. Bridgie was very shy at first, then, as she got used to our house, she became very cheeky in a funny sort of way. Now she is so cheeky that if she gets a chance, she will go into the bathroom and rip the toilet paper to shreds.

Bridgie has lived with us now for a year and a half. She is so much fun and makes us really happy. On cold nights, she sleeps in a box in the utility room.

As soon as she hears someone in the kitchen in the morning, she meeows for attention.

She goes outside for the day but sits on the back window so that she can keep a close eye on the back door, and fly in as soon as it is open.

If she sees the door to upstairs open, she will make a dash for it - and if she can ever get away with it, she can often be found sleeping on top of the suitcases.

There' s a nest of magpies near our house. In spring, Bridgie gets really annoyed with them as they squawk and swoop down near her to make sure she does not get near their chicks.

Her best friend is a lovely dog owned by my neighbour Aoife. The dog is called Jess and she loves playing tag and hide and seek with Bridgie.

A few weeks ago ,Bridgie had a sore tummy. She had to go to the vets and get an injection. She did not like that at all but she was very brave and is fully better now.

Bridget brings us so much fun, we can not imagine our family without her.

Katie Lahiffe (age 7)  Ennis, Co Clare


Name: Bridget (Bridgie)

Finest hour: Sneaks upstairs to try to sleep on top of the suitcases. Waits patiently outside the back door, to run in as soon as it's open

Likes: Her best friend is her neighbour, a dog called Jess

Dislikes: Annoying magpies, going to the vet, going outside on cold wet days


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