Friday 17 January 2020

My Pet: Chasing birds is what it's all about, Alfie

Alfie the dog
Alfie the dog

Kristen McFadden, age 11 Caragh, Naas, Co Kildare

This is Alfie. He is almost four years old. Alfie is a Cavaspitz, which is a mixed breed between a Cavachon and a Japanese Spitz.

There is a dog across the road from us that is crazy about Alfie, but Alfie is not nearly as crazy about her though!

He enjoys chasing the birds in the garden - once he actually caught a bird (poor bird).

Don't let his size fool you, Alfie is a very intelligent dog. He can do tricks such as closing the door, which is very convenient. He can sing when someone plays the harmonica, he can roll over and he can do the basics, such as sit or lie down, all on command.

Alfie sometimes chances his arm (paw) by trying to steal food. Once my sister had her chicken on a fork and Alfie jumped up and swiped it.

My dad takes Alfie on long walks and I come some of the time.

Alfie can sometimes be not so intelligent. Have you ever noticed the light that reflects off shiny objects? Well, Alfie will often give chase to the light.

We got Alfie when he was two months old. We were going to get him sooner but he doesn't like loud noises (he hates the doorbell), so we decided to get him after Halloween. Instead of him hearing all of those doorbells, he was with his four brothers and one sister.

Alfie jumps up on the back door when he wants to go outside. Most of the time he just wants to chase the birds.

Alfie gets presents from Santa, too. Every year, I write him a letter to Santa asking for some treats and a new dog bed.

Alfie has a very strange appetite and he only eats his food while our family is eating, too. When our Mum is making the dinner, Alfie sits down beside her and begs.

Alfie has white fur which is very hard to keep clean (it's from chasing all the birds that he gets all dirty). Alfie was not supposed to shed. That didn't work out. His shedding can be a nightmare.

Alfie is not too fond of sharing - our cousin's dog came over and she decided to take a rest... in Alfie's bed (not a good idea). Alfie started to growl at her so she got up and decided to get some food and water...out of Alfie's bowl (not a good idea). This time Alfie had had enough. He went over to sort her out while growling.

Who knows what could have happened if we hadn't stopped him.

He may not be the smartest dog, but he's my very best friend.

Name: Alfie

Finest hour: After his first grooming he was strutting instead of walking, and prancing instead of running

Likes: Chasing birds in the garden

Dislikes: Being alone/ Strangers/The bath

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