Sunday 20 October 2019

My Pet: Busy Pip lets you know who's the boss


Breda Mullane

yes, that's me, one-eyed Pip! Well, what happened, what happened to my eye?

It was just before the big storm in 2013, I was having this massive row with Misty, the sheepdog.

Anyway, it got serious, so I thought I'd better make a run for it (she's much bigger than me!). So, I ran, but I didn't see the tractor moving and bang, hit my head off the tractor tyre. Ouch! It hurt.

The vet was called and Seamus came to see me, got some medication for the pain but it was a "hospital job". I had to have my eye removed.

To be honest, I was glad when the operation was over, I was relieved of the pain and was treated like the queen.

Oh yes, there was a sheepskin rug in my cage and I got the best care (and food!).

It was good to get home, I had to wear this "lampshade" for a while, but apart from that, it was back to my normal routine.

So, what's my normal routine?

Well, I'm a very busy dog, and being so busy, I need a lot of sleep. I have my own cushion in the kitchen which is quite comfy and cosy.

During the day, I bark a lot, but I don't bark when someone visits, or when strangers arrive.

I'm a little different to other dogs, I bark when I hear our own car coming up the hill to our house, or I bark when one of the family goes outside.

I also sit at the top of our hill to watch and listen and bark! Being so busy, I take a few naps during the day to keep up my energy levels.

My favourite time is "walk time", I really enjoy my walk, so many different smells and scents of rabbits, mice and more.

My normal routine changed utterly two years ago when we had a new addition to the family... my worst nightmare... a cat!

I couldn't believe it when I saw this small ball of fur in the kitchen, my territory... what cheek! Well, what could I do? It looked like he was staying and I had to behave.

Just between you and me, I've grown quite fond of him, but of course, he knows I'm the boss.

This evening I'm feeling quite tired, I volunteered to have a "make-over" at the Community College in Listowel, I've been washed, trimmed and groomed.

I had a ball there, with lots of attention and pampering. Well, one has to make an effort, Christmas is only around the corner!

Unfortunately, I have to sign off now, such a pity, I have so much more to tell... there was the night I got lost in Ballybunion...!

Breda Mullane, Athea, Co Limerick

Name: Pip

Finest hour: Recovering from my eye operation

Likes: Sleeping

Dislikes: Cats

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