Sunday 25 February 2018

My Pet: 'Adorable' Spooky rules supreme

Spooky the cat
Spooky the cat

The O'Connells, Arklow, Co Wicklow

My owners brought me home on September 17, 2001, some 16 years ago, and really their home quickly became 'MY' kingdom.

My 'adorableness' was duly acknowledged from the start, and despite there being two additional furry siblings occupying the same home - NONE have quite attained the position of regal dominance that I hold in our home... and surrounding parts.

While my owners all like to think they 'know' me and know how to 'control' me - the fact is, I live entirely at my own leisure, dictating exactly how my day should unfold, and keeping my own hours and counsel to suit myself.

I do not respond to calls, whistles or pleadings, even in those moments of imminent starvation, because I believe it imperative to 'frenzify' one's owners' nerves with worry while I watch in sardonic amusement!

It keeps me in control. I come when I decide and then do so sedately, cautiously, sporadically stopping in my tracks for last-minute preenings in absolute readiness for momentous praise and squishy nuzzlings from my owners. Owners need to be reminded, quite often, that they are there for our absolute entertainment and dietary needs (and, unfortunately, sometimes to cure over-eating indulgences with inevitable trips to the vet!) or simply just to voice their unending devotion - something that truly inspires and gratifies our world.

My owners and I are psychically in tune - we 'get' each other, we 'anticipate' each other, and it is a world of mutual devotion.

Humans, however, can be exasperatingly and dumbfoundedly daft at times, but I manage these unfortunate moments with my 'classic stare' - a look that encourages them to somehow try to improve.

My owners and I learn quite a lot from each other, particularly with regard to how we interpret our voluminous 'silent' and frequent communications.

The cat world prefers the intuitive, telepathic mode of communication, and, as such, our home is a world that fuses in wonderful and sympathetic cohesion.

I love my owners. They have morphed me into the 'best' that feline friends can be: fuzzy, phenomenal, forever together, family, my cat owners and I.

Name: Spooky (aka Spooks/Queen B)

Finest hour: Presenting myself for admiration from the best positions

Likes: Adoration, sleeping, warm spots and food

Dislikes: Attention being diverted to other furry felines in the immediate area

If you would like your pet featured in this column please send a story, preferably in your own voice not the pet's, of 440 words and a photograph to clearly labelled MY PET

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