Monday 19 February 2018

My pet: Accident-prone Daisy a stress-buster

Daisy the cat
Daisy the cat

Kathleen Ryan

My brother found her as a tiny, stray kitten. Timid, with large round eyes that made her look like a teddy bear, she was given the name Daisy. However, she didn't remain sweet and timid for long. Today she certainly isn't what you could describe as affectionate, and you shouldn't attempt to pick her up!

Having already used up several of her nine lives, she's very hardy for such a small and skinny cat. The first incident involved a miniature Jack Russell terrier called Ted. In the beginning, he and Daisy were pals. They used to play a game of chase where Ted would often 'catch' her and pretend to bite her tail.

In hindsight, the fact Ted was built like a barrel meant Daisy was bound to come out the worst in a such a rough and tumble game. Sure enough, one day Daisy had to be brought to the vet with a badly infected tail. The fact Daisy and Ted's game stopped afterwards suggests Ted was to blame. A couple of months later Daisy was back at the vet suffering from a serious case of cat flu. A course of strong antibiotics soon cured that.

Less than a year later, a dead pigeon was found in the shed. Before long Daisy began throwing up her food. An examination indicated that she either had a tumour or something was lodged in her stomach. During the subsequent operation a large pigeon's wing was removed from her gut. A day or two later a very sorry looking cat arrived home dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics. Three weeks of convalescence followed.

To avoid another such episode, Daisy now wears a collar with a bell. The first collar caused problems: it was woven with thread and each time she scratched it, her claws pulled at the thread causing the collar to tighten. Luckily this was discovered before she choked to death.

There were no further incidents until last Christmas, when Daisy's former chasing buddy Ted was killed by a scooter. Shortly after, a stray called Minnie arrived in need of a good home. Needless to say she wasn't exactly welcomed with open paws by Daisy, who quickly decided she could bully this nervous, quiet dog. Eventually, Minnie snapped (quite literally) and now Daisy completely avoids the back area where the dog resides.

Presently Daisy lives a stress-free existence, apart from the inconvenience of having to avoid a dog, that is! She spends her time climbing through open windows, sleeping on various beds and chairs and maintaining a clean and shiny coat.

Name: Daisy

Finest hours: Near-death experiences

Likes: Climbing out of windows and fish

Dislikes: Visits to the vets and rainy days

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