Sunday 19 November 2017

My cultural life: Trevor White

Trevor White of The Little Museum of Dublin.
Trevor White of The Little Museum of Dublin.

Trevor White is director of the Little Museum of Dublin on St Stephen's Green, the award-winning museum which tells the story of our capital city. He is also a writer and producer. He is married to cookery writer Susan Jane White, author of The Virtuous Tart. They live in Dublin and have two little boys, Benjamin and Marty.

Film: Rushmore

Someone once accused me of looking like Wes Anderson. That made my day. Anderson is the genius behind charmers like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But my favourite Wes Anderson movie is his second, a modern classic with Bill Murray and an eccentric teenager (played by Jason Schwartzman) wrestling for the affections of a school teacher. Rushmore is one of those movies that refuses to be neatly pigeonholed as a comedy or a drama, but who cares? Watch. Enjoy. Watch again.

Music: Left Behind

Simon O'Connor is the most gifted person I know. After leaving one career as an award-winning graphic designer, he now works as our curator at the Little Museum of Dublin. Meanwhile, he's still making music - most recently he composed Left Behind, a suite of songs about the women whose husbands went off to fight in the Easter Rising. When these haunting and intensely personal songs were performed in the National Concert Hall last spring, they were met with a standing ovation.

TV: The Seven O'Clock Show

I gave up on television ten years ago. But sometimes I am forced to go online and watch my wife, Susan Jane White (right), as she cooks something delicious on TV3's Seven O'Clock Show. It's quite a giddy programme, but the presenters, Martin King and Lucy Kennedy, always seem to be having fun, and Susan insists they're very nice people. "But darling," I say, "you were on live TV. They had to be nice to you." It is clear that I haven't seen Vincent Browne in a while...

Art: Gary Coyle's 'At Sea'

Gary Coyle is one of those headcases who swims in Dublin Bay every day of the year. His 'At Sea' project consisted of photographs taken while swimming. It's an easy introduction to the work of a great local artist who often subverts our expectations.

Book: Brendan Bracken

I am fascinated by the story of Brendan Bracken, which is revealed in Charles Lysaght's masterful biography. A politician and publisher, he was one of the most influential Irishmen of the 20th Century, and a Dubliner, he was also a notorious inventor of his own past. Winston Churchill's son, Randolph, once described Bracken as "the fantasist whose dreams came true".

Working with Charles Lysaght and Bracken's nephew (who is also called Brendan Bracken), we are telling the story of this extraordinary Irishman in the Little Museum of Dublin in the exhibition 'Churchill & the Irishman'.

Churchill & the Irishman opens at the Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen's Green on July 2.

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