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My cultural life: June Rodgers

June Rodgers
June Rodgers
Carole King
Mrs Doubtfire
St Patrick's Cathedral

June Rodgers has been a popular figure on the Irish comedy circuit for almost 30 years, starting with her success in the John Player Tops competition, which led to her first TV appearance. Once fans got a taste of her immense comedic talent and brilliantly funny characters, she was able to leave the day job behind and has been a star of TV, radio, film and theatre for the last three decades. The June Rodgers Christmas Show, with hilarious comedy characters, a full cast of singers and dancers and a four-course meal, will run on select dates at Taylors Three Rock, Rathfarnham, from November 30-December 31. Tickets €55 (€65 NYE) from www.junerodgers.eventbrite.com

Film: Mrs Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire

Apart from a wonderful script and cast, the visual comedy shines through in this film. Robin Williams (above) was an amazing comedy actor, and the scene where he acts out Dude (Looks Like a Lady) with a sweeping brush is a classic. It's hilarious to watch - from the scene where the old bus driver takes a shine to Mrs Doubtfire, especially when he gets a glimpse of her hairy legs, to the restaurant scene where Robin has to change character during courses. But it also has touches of sadness, which, in my mind, makes for a perfect movie.

TV: The Supervet

Noel Fitzpatrick is the man you need when your loving furry friend is in trouble. I'm amazed at his knowledge, unbelievable skills and caring nature, and the programme brings viewers through lots of emotions. As an animal lover, I usually end up in tears - but mostly tears of joy. The Supervet also displays the wonderful care and compassion shown by all the staff that ensures the well-being of the animals.

Music: Carole King

Carole King

Carole (above) was my idol in the 1970s with her album Tapestry. I played that LP non-stop and I still play it now, although the CD is a bit scratched. Being a teenager and not knowing what was going on with my feelings when it came to boys, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? was my song. I spent most nights singing it into the mirror with my Denman hairbrush as a microphone, as I had a huge crush on a boy who liked me - but not as much as I liked him. The heartache of youth!

Art: Peter Pearson

Peter and I were very fortunate to receive two Peter Pearson paintings as a present from my late father-in-law and surgeon, David Lane. They are of Dun Laoghaire Harbour and Coal Harbour, and are such beautiful, realistic pieces of work that bring back so many happy memories for us both.

Design: St Patrick's Cathedral

FFIG (15)-a.jpg
St Patrick's Cathedral

Every time I pass this beautiful building (above), I smile, as it was where my sister Linda and I went to school. Our cousins, Eric and Peter Sweeney, were very much involved with the cathedral as choristers - and I was confirmed there. I was not that academic, but I did achieve my goals in the entertainment world, which goes to prove that anyone can follow the path to their dreams. That's why I'm still dressing up as a schoolgirl - I'm still trying to catch up.

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