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My Cultural Life: Deb Grant


DJ and broadcaster Deb Grant. Photo: Marco Vittur

DJ and broadcaster Deb Grant. Photo: Marco Vittur

Deb Grant

Deb Grant


DJ and broadcaster Deb Grant. Photo: Marco Vittur

Deb Grant, formerly known as Anne Frankenstein, is a London-based DJ, broadcaster and Big Issue columnist who grew up in Dublin. She fronts her own daily radio show on Jazz FM and has regular slots on BBC6 Music.

READING: The New Yorker 

I love The New Yorker for its style of writing and eclectic subject matter — one minute you’re reading about the ruins of Pompeii, the next about dog walkers in Central Park or Thundercat’s new album.

I subscribe and unsubscribe at regular intervals because I’m a slow reader and they start to pile up. I’m still catching up with articles on Trump’s shenanigans from 2020.

I always have an autobiography on the go too, such as veteran broadcaster Annie Nightingale’s Hey Hi Hello. She’s a hero of mine.


TV: Succession

Succession had me completely gripped and I’m a bit bereft without it, even though the characters don’t have one redeeming quality between them.

I’ve been enjoying streaming plays from the National Theatre at Home app — it was great to be able to watch Angels in America at my own pace rather than the full 7.5 hours in one go.

Aside from that it’s usually music documentaries, recently a screening of Bird on a Wire, Tony Palmer’s film about Leonard Cohen, which was very moving.

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MUSIC: Rao Kyao

John Kelly’s Mystery Train, now on Lyric FM, definitely helped to ignite my love of radio — my friends and I were obsessed with it as teens and I still listen when I can.

Musically my biggest passion is digging for older, unusual records and sharing them at gigs or on air. I currently have an album called Bambu by the Portuguese bamboo flute player Rão Kyao on repeat.

More recently I’ve discovered a London-based electronica producer called Loelash who I’m really excited about.


GIG: Secret Night Gang

There are so many gigs that I’m looking forward to in 2022 — Secret Night Gang (a Brit-funk group from Manchester) and Pat Metheny are at the top of my list.

I have some exciting gigs coming up myself and in February I’m supporting The Gold Tips at their album launch in Belfast.

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