Wednesday 20 November 2019

My cultural life... Caroline Grace-Cassidy

Caroline Grace Cassidy
Caroline Grace Cassidy
Cinema Paradiso
Tom Vaughan Lawlor

Caroline Grace-Cassidy is the author of six novels. She is currently adapting her last novel, The Week I Ruined My Life, for the screen, shooting in 2018 throughout Toronto and Dublin. She has been a regular panellist for the Elaine show on TV3 for the last five years. Caroline also co-owns Park Pictures with her husband Kevin. They make films and documentaries. Their new short film Reach premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh last week.

Together they are the proud owners of two daughters Grace (nine) and Maggie (five) Cassidy. Caroline's new novel The Importance Of Being Me is just published by Black & White.

Film: Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

As a total movie buff this question always stumps me. It's dependent on the day and on my mood. If I'm feeling sentimental it's Cinema Paradiso (above) for the purest of beauty in it, the release of emotion and ugly crying. If I'm in a happy upbeat mood it has to be Withnail and I, but if I was on a deserted island and had to watch one film over and over again for the rest of my life (which OK might not be all that long considering my circumstances!) it would be Gone With the Wind. Cinematic perfection in my book.

Artist: Jonathan Knuttel

My husband commissioned a Jonathan Knuttel for me as a birthday/Christmas gift for my 30th (my birthday is Christmas Day so double whammy for him). It hangs in our kitchen. Painted bright yellows and coral blues, I can still get lost in it for ages - the colours make me feel like I'm on a beach watching an early sunset. It's therapeutic.

Band: U2


Right now I'm a bit obsessed with new Irish band Darkhorse, their debut single Comes In Waves is stunning. But my big band crush would have to be U2 (above). I can't wait to see them in Croke Park this Saturday. A U2 concert is just something magical. All their albums more than stand the test of time. And would you believe it I still don't have a Bono story. Yet!

Book: Open by Andre Agassi

I'm an autobiography freak - I will read any autobiography I can get my hands on but Andre Agassi's book Open is one of my favourite reads ever. It's his determination and drive that astonishes me - sport can be a very dangerous game not just physically but emotionally. It's very hard for me to enjoy fiction since I started writing it - I find myself comparing all the time so it's much easier for me to enjoy autobiographies.

I know I'll never win Wimbledon and I'm OK with that.

TV: Love/Hate

Tom Vaughan Lawlor

Actually at the moment I am re-watching Love/Hate. It was outstanding writing from Stuart Carolan. For a TV programme to grip the entire country I think was pretty unique. The acting, plot, pace, passion, fear, grit, reality, horror of it all was breathtakingly frightening. Tom Vaughan Lawlor (above) is a talent of the rawest form. A genius actor.

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