Saturday 21 September 2019

My cultural life: Breda Brown, podcast presenter

Breda Brown
Breda Brown
Government Buildings
Lucy Gault
The Snapper

Breda Brown is the presenter of the Inside Books podcast. In each episode, she chats to people associated with the world of books - including well-known authors, publishers, editors, agents, critics, sellers and more. A former print and radio journalist, Breda also reviews crime novels for the Sunday Independent, MCs and moderates events, including book events, and contributes regularly to radio and TV programmes. She is also the PR director and co-founder of Unique Media, the communications agency that produces the Inside Books podcast. Inside Books is available on SoundCloud or iTunes and the twitter handle is @InsideBooksIRE

Movie: The Snapper

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The Snapper

I'm a huge fan of Roddy Doyle's work and my thesis for my BA in communications in DCU was an in-depth analysis of the language used in his writing. His style was such a departure at the time that it made a significant impact on readers and the industry. The movie is quite faithful to the book, but the key to the success of the big screen version is the fact that the characters were brilliantly cast. I've seen this movie dozens of times and would happily watch it again this evening.

Song: Sweet Caroline

I'm a total pop music lover and I make no apologies for it. There are some classics I like, but I'm more at home with today's chart hits. If I had to pick one piece, it would be Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. My dad played Diamond's music constantly when we were growing up and that song has become an unofficial family anthem that we all end up singing (badly!) when we get together.

Book: The Story of Lucy Gault

Lucy Gault

While crime is my go-to genre for daily reading, one book that always resonates with me is The Story of Lucy Gault by the amazing Irish writer William Trevor. We first meet Lucy on a tragic night in Cork in 1921 when she is eight years old, and the novel follows her life over the next number of decades to old age. It's quite a sad and haunting story that focuses on the impact of time and fate on a person's life. I had the pleasure of meeting William Trevor a few years ago and he was a delight.

TV: Casualty

I'm addicted to Casualty on BBC1. I've watched it for more than 20 years now and still love it. It's amazing what you can learn about medicine and first aid just watching this programme.

Design: Government Buildings

Government Buildings

I love the facade of Government Buildings on Merrion Street. It is such an impressive piece of architecture, especially at night when it is beautifully lit up. Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where the Parliament of Canada sits, is a close second. My least favourite seat of government is the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh - it's over complicated and, to me, a visual nightmare.

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