Sunday 25 August 2019

My Cultural Life: Aaron Monaghan, actor/director

Aaron Monaghan
Aaron Monaghan
Batman Begins
Tarry Flynn by Paddy Kavanagh

Aaron Monaghan is an award-winning actor and director. He recently played the lead in DruidShakespeare's acclaimed production of Richard III and has just finished filming the lead role in Redemption Of A Rogue. He is married to actor and writer Clare Monnelly, whose play Charlie is a Clepto is currently on tour. He directs Trad by Mark Doherty, which is currently on tour and visits the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan on April 23/24, before going onto venues in Galway, Dublin & Cork.

Film: Batman Begins

Batman Begins

I'm a comic book nut and a huge fan of Batman. I think Batman Begins is my favourite one - it's the movie I keep going back to and I feel genuinely thrilled when he finally puts on the mask and says "I'm Batman". Christopher Nolan used all the best gritty comics and put them together to make a very cool, adult superhero movie.

Album: I Speak Because I Can

I'm listening to Laura Marling's I Speak Because I Can on heavy rotation at the minute. It's a great album to listen to in a darkened room, and takes you on an ever-changing journey. It has hypnotic, uplifting, seductive and poetic lyrics that hit you like a shovel to the side of the head.

TV: Archer


It's a very adult and un-PC cartoon about an inept spy agency. It's not an exaggeration to say that I've watched every season 20 times. Watching TV is a commitment for me, so when I find something I like, I watch it to death - over breakfast and falling asleep at night. It's so cleverly layered, I'm still finding new jokes and nuances with each viewing.

Artist: John B Yeats

I love John B Yeats's sketches. There are four stunning sketches of his in a stairwell of the Abbey Theatre as you go from the dressing room to the stage, of people associated with the theatre's first few years. I touch them every time I pass them, as a superstition, before I go on stage. Especially the one of JM Synge - a great hero of mine.

Book: Tarry Flynn

Tarry Flynn by Paddy Kavanagh

Tarry Flynn by Patrick Kavanagh is the book I pick up and read a few chapters most often. Maybe it's because I'm from Cavan and it's set there, but I feel deeply connected to the book. Kavanagh makes you laugh your face off in one paragraph and punches you in the stomach with the tragedy of the next one. The great un-heroic Irish hero.

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