Saturday 17 August 2019

Mum (36) tells RTE's Ryan Tubridy: 'I feel duped, naive and gullible' after being ghosted on Tinder

The popular dating app, Tinder.
The popular dating app, Tinder.

Patricia Murphy

An Irish woman has publicly warned users of online dating apps to be wary of sharks after she was “duped” by a man who did not call her back after they slept together.

Mum Seana (36) went on to the Ryan Tubridy Show on Radio One this morning to speak about how her first experience with online dating app Tinder left her feeling “naive and gullible”.

Seana revealed that she was shocked after meeting a man on the app who abandoned contact with her after they slept together three weeks into their relationship.

“I suppose I have been separated for a couple of years and I’ve been out on a few dates with people I knew. A friend of mine suggested I should try something new and go out on a few dates with people I hadn’t met before,” said Seana.

“If you go on it very new to it and naive, you’re not aware of what I would class as sharks out there.

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“He was so normal and so down to earth. His pictures were really normal. He had no airs and graces and that’s what kind of hooked me.”

Seana revealed that she and the man in question had been regularly dating in the three weeks after they met up and were exchanging forty messages each day.

“It was all very easy breezy and all the dates were fun. That’s how I liked it as well.

“I was impressed by him to the point that I said to myself several times throughout the first few weeks ‘God this is too good to be true’.

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“There was texts being exchanged first thing in the morning until late at night every single day.

“Very quickly the conversation progressed to what we wanted out of life, what we needed. It got there too quickly.

“Three weeks into the relationships we slept together.

“The reason I am talking about it now is because he’s just absolutely dropped off all communication but he’s back on Tinder. I’m afraid someone out there will be just like me and get sucked in the way I did,” she said.

Seana warned others to be wary of “being sucked in” by personal stories and future-faking.

“They get into your head to see what you’re looking for and then they go for it.

“He would have told me things about him... really personal things. He told me things about his family and all of it was there on Facebook.

 “I genuinely believe that he decided to invest in somebody for 45 days whole-heartedly. He could obviously be chatting to somebody at the same time and when another comes along he’s gone.

“We were to meet one day and the text messages I got from him were unusually short and then I never heard from him again.”

“That was only over a week ago.”

Seana said the experience has caused her to abandon Tinder as she is conscious of the ingenuine men on the dating app.

“A girl would never open herself up like that if they are going to drop the mic and walk away a few days later but fellas would,” she said.

“I feel duped, naive and gullible.

“I’ve abandoned it but that’s just where I am at the moment,” she said.

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